Is Mansfield's Carolyn Still football's sexiest CEO ever?

I have suddenly developed an interest in club football. Normally it bores me stiff, now it makes me 'stiff' :) in other respects. No doubt Carolyn Still is a very experienced business woman as well as a GWARRRRR and Mansfield Town will be safe in her capable hands. Check out those lips.

From Mansfield Towns website:

A politics graduate from the University of Durham, Ms Still brings a wealth of experience to her new position developed through the fashion industry where she worked alongside the Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer in two of the world's largest luxury goods companies, Bulgari SpA and Gucci Group. Speaking to, Ms Still said:

"It's a great privilege for me to be offered the chance to lead this football club.I intend to add vibrancy and fresh ideas to our approach off the field. I want to wake sleeping fans with a lot of different initiatives by liaising with them and finding what they want."

Yeah right. Well I know what I want ...................

Is Mansfield's Carolyn Still football's sexiest CEO ever? |


"I want to wake sleeping fans with a lot of different initiatives"

If she'd said she wanted to wake up with fans with a lot of different initiatives, I would have been interested!

Mansfield is a shite-hole - I remember drinking in the Punch back in 84 and being hassled by a load of pissed miners who all looked like they'd used the same make-up artist as Johnny Depp in the Pirates franchise - coal dust around the eyes, pints of mild and a fist full of pork scratchings!

Clearly she has never been to the place. Why would any sane person go from Bulgari SpA and Gucci Group to Mansfield Town? She must have been on the lash at the Bulgari Xmas party and one of the owners bet her she wouldn't last a year in Satan's anus. The reward must be huge.

That photo is probably 'shopped', she is actually leaning against the railing of a super yacht in Monaco and some computer guru has pasted in the footie ground.


I wouldnt mind committing a few FOULS in her penalty BOX ooer missus. Would love to DRIBBLE round her GOALMOUTH.Taxiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Mark The Convict

I see! I had visions of them all being monster geriatric sleazebags with burst capillaries and cirrhosis.
She's very orange. Are you sure she didn't come from Dale Farm?
Nice lips, I bet she could suck start a Harley Davidson!


Book Reviewer
CEO of a football club and supporter of the Dale Farm Pikeys? An interesting range of interests.


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