Is Lynndie England an inbred and would you do her?

She's in the news again this week and I personally think she is the conception of a couple of banjo players, who are closely related, She was apparently photographed performing a sex act on one of her fellow servicemen. So the question you have to answer is would you do her or let her do an act on you? Should interbreeds like her be banned from the forces. Come on I am sure someone out there would pop a load inside her 8O

To answer my own question, I wouldn't touch her with a bag full of spare ones but MDN is a likely candidate. :D
Muppet_in_Civvies said:
It would certainly improve Lynndies looks and appeal with me hanging out of her mouth.
Plus she might let do her mother and cornhole her sister....he he he.
By the looks of it her sister proberly is her mum
My boss is undecided: on Friday he called her both "Manimal" (before a liquid lunch) & "Luscious Lynndie" (after said liquid lunch) so I suppose it's the age-old "How many pints?" question. :wink:
I would with a broomstick, with nails in it, rusty ones, smeared in sh1t.....
Almost forgot, and a sledge hammer, so I could give her the broomstick hard, apparently that's how she likes it.

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