IS Lunch (Germany) Mafioso, or Triad

I would like to thank all those involved with the IS get together at Bruggen on Friday. After some very fine company, food, drink and interesting debate, there is now food for thought: do we want to wait to be grudgingly accepted into the Mafioso, or do we forge ahead and become the founding members of our own management based organisation.

(The Triad) Maybe?
Personally i feel there is far more ground to be made from being adopted into the mafioso.

What would be the point of an IS only management organisation? (on a personal note, i wouldnt support it).

We dont work alone, and as supervisors will be part of the Ops team, together with our Yeoman and Foreman counterparts. We all bring something to the party, its time to move on and not mark time. Personally i will never attend a function "grudgingly", but having spoken to several YofS and FofS on the subject, they can see the point of the IS Supvr and dont have a problem with them in the mafioso. You will always get the die hards, but from this call sign it falls on deaf ears. Times are a changin, if we dont, as a Corps, change with them we stagnate. Thats not what those under us need, and definately not what the Corps needs.

A Mafiosa function was held in Bruggen towards the end of 2003 organised by 7 Sigs. The IS were invited and accepted !

A founder member of the Mafiosa thing(now a Lt Col Tfc) was present at this function and was pleased to see the IS coming on board !

If things have now changed in that neck of the woods then that is down to the pers there now.
Couldnt go :(
Too busy dressing up as a tree and shouting BANG BANG!
Bigbadjimmyp sulks in a corner for ANOTHER year
boney_m said:
...We dont work alone, and as supervisors will be part of the Ops team, together with our Yeoman and Foreman counterparts.
30 Pigs have been doing it for ages - though, due to the Regt's role, it's a place where the YofS has always been king. This has meant that it's been difficult for the IS dudes to bring anything to the party until relatively recently other than being a glorified JOCS monkey.
monkeyspanker said:
PD............that will change when the C-word arrives!
You're preaching to the converted - you'll already know how closely involved (in a blokey non-gay way) I have been with the my mafiosi cousins on the C-word management trg. Stuck in that smelly surplus quarter watching Family Guy on DVD for bloody months.

As for defining roles and responsibilities within the C-word, I have a master plan which I hope to put into action from next week. Just not sure if I can pull it off yet without overburdening the IS geeks but it's about time we started to properly grasp the real division of responsibilities and not just wade around in a vague fudge of "oh...that's a management task - it's someone else's problem etc". And it's not like my posting lets me escape...aaarghh! :)
Quite happy to go to Mafiosi functions. Any chance to get pi$$ed....hic! :)

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