Is LOA Really Getting Axed?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Richy_Lancer, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. I heard a shocking and terrible rumour from a colleague just the other day.
    He claims that a mate told a mate of his who heard from a mate...that the army are going to completely axe the local overseas allowance paid to soldiers serving abroad.

    The above mentioned is renowned for random outbursts of cod crap and as such took it with a pinch of salt. that was until i recieved my paystatment this month with an AGC newsletter attached.

    A quick glance revealed SOME truth to the rumour (Not much but some). apparatly there are going to be some drastic alterations to the way we are paid LOA.

    Being a married Junior with two young sprogs, I rely on LOA so that I can by nappies and the like and have become quite acustomed to the extra notes in my sky rocket.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? are we really going to lose all that dosh?
  2. I have heard nothing on it and nothing is on the Army website on it that I can see. They are normally very good in HQ AG to publish this type of stuff.
  3. Not in any more, but that rumour has been going round for years, first heard it way back in 80... LOA used to go up and down like the naafi bint! every govt would like to do away with it but none have so far...

    Mind you with this Prime Minister and his Goverments blatent disregard for all things mil plus Browns odd sense of keeping within ya spending limits the treasury are gonna be looking for every spare pound going!

    Like always we were our worst enemy, when the LOA review team came round and the surveys came out all those new cars, smart electronics and using LOA as 'loadsa' beer tokens never did us any favours, only giving the number crunching accountants from the treasury an excuse to lower LOA.
  4. Ha ha ha go to Aldi its cheaper than Boots. And its not LOA that pays for your nappies that is what Family Allowance is for. If you can`t afford nappies, stop having kids. Only joking mate had to get that one in.
  5. Even haveing been the grateful receipent of LOA for quite a few years I still don't really know why we got paid it.

    In the vast majority of cases it really was just extra beer tokens. I found nothing in the Naafi that couldn't be bought elsewhere cheaper and my phone bills where never so high that I needed the extra cash for that either.

    What with reduced rates on the ferries/chunnel and tax free almost everything I always thought of LOA as a sort of bonus payment for being posted to BFG.

    Can anyone really defend the payment of LOA in BFG.

    It is probably still quite necessary in other parts of the world but not in Germany anymore especially when you can get the full range of UK foodstuffs delivered to your door for £12 for 30Kg of stuff.

    Available on this site for instance
  6. I agree with Steven, having also pocketed 10+ years of "Germany pocket money" I return to the UK and find that: a. I could financially lived without it in Germany, and b. Anyone posted to London should get an allowance of the same size. ( I know we get £100 a month extra for being here before someone whinges, but you do need it and more as well).
  7. Why should people get London allowance. In my opinion London is no moe expensive than kmost of the UK. Apart from accommodation I believe London costs no more than anywhere else.

    Food costs the same as the rest of us in the provinces
    Fuel and water rates are often cheaper
    Council tax the same
    Transport is not much different, everything is on your doorstep so you do not need to travel far.
    Eating out is the same

    I believe apart from accommodation London is actually the same if not cheaper than living in the countryside, where people have to drive 15 miles to the supermarket, to the Doctors and even the post office for eg is not accessible.

    End London weighting is my slogan. Why should we susbsidise people living in an already crowded city.
  8. can any one tell me what the new rate loa for cyprus for a cpl with 2 kids, the ffr as been reduced from 1.31 to 1.17 , is the loa going the same way ?????
  9. I suppose it depends on what you spend your money on, You may have to get new headlights, mobile phone contracts, Pay for canceling other UK based contracts.
    Making calls from a mobile in Germany to the UK is definatly not cheaper than if you were in the UK.
    There are charges for withdrawing your cash (for people with a UK bank account) and just normal bank charges from the sparky if you have both.
    Traveling home at weekends regardless of how cheap the ferries are is still more expensive than traveling in the Uk.
    NAAFI prices of course.
    Personally, filling up your car with tax free fags and booze for sale in the UK more than outweights most of thees costs but of course that would be illegal.
  10. In good old BFG

    FFR in Dec 1.91

    Sgt +2 £30.95 a day

    But there is a new rate table out for Jan (released Oct 08), dropping it again so who knows???
  11. Really? I'd be selling all of my £'s.
  12. sorry to burst your bubble the FFR for the euro will be 1.17 from 1/12/08 check SPVA web site
  13. I know g_f_k, a touch of sarcasm :wink:
  14. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Wrong on most counts. If you take HMV for example, there is several £ difference between a store in inner London and one in, say, Leeds. Just as restraunts charge a few quid more, and often force service charges on you.
    Everything costs that little bit more because the property rates for the shops are higher and the general area income is higher.
    That is fact. :)