Is Liz a Groupie????

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by babyblue, Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. In "Chat" earlier this evening Sabre was calling our Liz (amongst other quite nasty things) a Groupie!!! :(

    Come on guys, lets hear it for Liz and cast your vote! :)
  2. I think she is..or may in fact...she definately is. She is also looking for a meal ticket.....and erm......
  3. Fat groupies are for winners.........LOL what is the criteria for being a groupie and what do u call someone who is hounded by groupies?
  4. Yep, she's a groupie alright!!!
  5. Things like cnut and sperm gargling c ock slut?
  6. surely all us arrse maidens are nothing more than groupies, desperate to be tamed by squaddie c0ck??
  7. 8O Speak for yourself Beanz!!!!
  8. Liz wants me. So does Poopy, BBC, Dale, Beanz, OB, BB, Minx, Aldershot Gobshite, Toonie, Trolley Trout, Dozy Bint and all the rest of the wimmin who post on this site.

    And they know they do.
  10. Never a truer word said.
  12. I would love to spend all weekend on ARRSE being a groupie, but I have to spend the weekend chasing squaddie cokk........looking forward to Sunday now......
  13. Girls, you got yourselves into this, you can dig yourselves out.

  14. And not forgetting Door_bundle. He sent me a PM saying that he was in the market for a new hoop-wretch, and that Biscuits fitted the bill admirably... 8O
  15. You're just jealous, 'cos you want mah ass as well ya big navy fruit.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.