Is Life in The Royal Signals THAT Bad??????

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by simmo0020, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Before i begin let me just say that i'm expecting a load of bone replies to this thread but it is serious question.

    I'm posing this question as i'm in the process of transferring to the Royal Signals and when i have asked Royal Signals lads around my local garrison and on ops etc what it's like, the only answer i have really got is "it's ****" and "why would you wanna transfer in" etc etc etc.

    The only two guys that have actually had good things to say is two techs that i spoke to out on Telic 10.

    Is it really that bad???

    So Good and Bad Points please Ladies and Gents......
  2. First off, there are ALOT of good and bad points about the Royal Corps.

    Alas the main problem is always the personalites that we work for (ie Tp, Sqn and Regimental). They can suck the morale out of the best of us, as can the Staff Officers we have to support.

    On the flip side, we have as good a bunch of lads, as any other trade or capbadge.

    What trade to you wish to try, and what trade are you now?
  3. An old and very wise Signalman told me that there is absolutely no point in joining the modern army as there is no such thing as a godmech any more.

    I, of course, could not possibly comment.
  4. Thanks for the reply CF, i am currently a Challenger 2 Crewman in the Royal Armoured Corps, i am transferring to be a Communication System Engineer.

    I was accepted last year and was due to complete my class 3 in June last year, however i got cold feet and withdrew my papers, a decision i wish i hadn't made.

    I subsequently broke my leg in Batus at the end of last year and that has halted my ability to re-submit my application.

    I have re-submitted my Transfer Application and i am just waiting to hear back now.

    Just hoping all the people i have spoke to aren't right....
  5. Yes... go for it. If your interested in a technical type training... says Me... an old and grey and well past it Data Telegraphist... probably called something else now... Area Systems Op or something. :?
  6. The lads are the same as the lads in any other Corps - some good lads, some twats. Much more good than bad though.

    We have (in my own opinion, of course) too many crap seniors - either utterly spineless so the lads' lives are an endless round of pointless shite jobs their Tp Staffy hasn't got the balls to say no to, back stabbers looking to screw the lads for their next promotion or just plain old useless.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not all of them by any means, but there are seemingly quite a few of them since I've met them at all of my postings so far.
  7. (My bold) I see nothing's changed in the 23 years since I left then. As a Mech, the problem was always promotion (or more lack of it), and that to get promoted it was either stab someone else in the back or just wait for someone to die/retire. I think that phenomena is exaggerated at the SNCO level.

    I don't think it's just a R. Sigs issue either; old man was RCT and made the same complaint.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hmmm, the R Signals can be a bit bullshitty, thats true. It has its fair share of whingers as well, as do all Corps and Arms.

    I'm pretty sure those whining about seniors are those that never made it there.....Thats not to say there aren't a few tossers who shouldn't have made it past LCpl.

    If you have the nouse to realise you are part of a system and play by the systems rules, its possible to have a fulfilling career with lots of opportunities.

    If you stay in your room with your playstation and can't be arrsed to advance yourself you'll hate it, pretty much like the rest of the Army. Only you can make your Army career a success, expecting someone else to hand it to you on a plate is a road to no where. But this is the basics for anyone surely......
  9. Simmo, the R SIGNALS is just like any other Regt or Corps in that it has its ups and downs. I've served with a lot of different units and worked with people from virtually every capbadge going, but I still think our Corps is great. Some units are a bit "unusual" and the structure of some units seems very "Cold War" but there are a LOT of changes coming up and the Corps is going onto more of a "war footing" with Regts supporting each fighting brigade.

    So you can be sure that the R SIGNALS is ahead of the game and adapting to operational requirements far more quicklty than other Corps. But it pretty much guarantees a bit of Afghan action for everyone. Also, the range of jobs is incredibly diverse and you re probably likely to be more intellectually stimulated than in the vast majority of other Corps - obviously I'm not going to criticise the HAC though :wink:
  10. I have to say that if I had my time again, I would join the Corps in a heartbeat.
  11. Me too. I had a pretty good "career" path, very interesting. The only other Corps I'd consider would be the RE.
  12. Royal Signals is awesome. Yay everyone!
  13. What he said for me too. :D
  14. I've never played in the Premier League or been voted into Parliament either, I'll still whinge about footballers and MPs being shite.
  15. Me too. Great career and mostly great people. Stay in trade though!