Is leave a privilege not entitlement

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gennithmedic, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. I was aeromedded from Op.HerrickIV. My wound is almost healed, but I was informed (by some fat, desk wallah type person) that I can kiss goodbye to leave. The fun times I had lying in bed, on my own, suffice for any leave. He informed me that, "Leave is an privilege not entitlement." Is this creature talking rubbish? or should I start looking for a private company to join forthwith?
  2. Explain to the gentlemen in question how topical this would be in the papers...

    You do not clarify what type of leave you refer to or the circumstances but this tool is not exactly winning friends and influencing people is he!
  3. The desk wallah sounds like a complete tool to me. Maybe you could mention that your family are so annoyed they are considering taking it to the papers.

    Sounds like a job for the Forces Federation to me.
  4. Leave used to be a privilige,,, it is now an entitlement and your superiors have to try and make it possible (on the other shoulder, try and get sick leave at home and carry over the entitlement)!
  5. Fecking remfs. As said above point out the view the press may take on the matter and just go over his head and talk to somebody higher up the CoC.
  6. Being downgraded and unable to work does not equal leave.

    Leave is now a right.

    Tell admin wallah to shove it up his arse.
  7. personally i think you should batter this fool. glad you've recovered from your injury.
  8. :x

    First of all, not all of us are fat desk wallahs. some of us actually know what we are on about. Yes, ANNUAL leave is an entitlement, but as already asked, what leave are you querying??

    Let me know and i will endeavour to find out for you.

    Hope you are firmly on the mend.

  9. madmackem, definatly, this t**t sounds like a civy, or at worst, someone just out of the factory, Sick Leave does, in no way, come off your Annual Leave, including time spent recovering in hospital, this is in fact is taken as duty and not as any type of leave that I know of in the ALM 2000, what a tube, I think that you need to speak to him tout sweet, or at least, go above his head and tell someone what cr*p advice you are getting. :x
  10. I think he needs to go back and do his 3-2 cse again!!

    You say you were brought back from theatre with an injury so would assume you were on sick leave with a valid doc/hospital chit ??? - if so tell the idiot that the clerks (there are a few of us decent ones around promise) and even non clerks on here seem to know the difference and that this does not come off your annual entitlement.
  11. Rottweiler, Class 3-2?, I think he is in the wrong job, quite possibly the worse advice I have ever heard, if people in our job give out Sh**T like that no wonder we are given a bad name at times. AGAI 67, Recorded Oral Warning (if military) springs to mind for this fella, then possibly a Formal Warning on inefficiency and if he persists in giving out arrse info like this, then, get him out, Pr**k!!, he's no use to man nor beast. If he is a civy, well, stick him in the WO's and Sgt's mess washing dishes, assuming he can work out how to use the dishwasher. WHAT A T*AT.
  12. The Army Leave Manual 1969 began with those same words, however, we are now in 2006. Leave ceased to be a privilege when they changed the terms and conditions of service for the Armed Forces. Your contract actaully states you are entitiled to 28 days leave, the only proviso brought in is 'at the exigencies of the service' which means leave can be delayed or deferred for operational reasons. In addition to the Annual leave there is also RENleave, pre-deployment,post deployment, terminal leave, compassionate etc etc.

    Please return to said person and ask him to produce said regulations to back up his statement or you shall be seeking formal redress from a senior level :wink:
  13. Couldnt agree with you more.... :D just a shame that the powers that be wont listen to us when they ask our opinions - i think we need a major weed out personally - i dread to think how many other poor sods are missing out (leave, claims etc) through bad advice because some fat tw*t, prob on a laminated biff chit cant be bothered to either look up the regs or fill out a form.

    Gennithmedic - id fire this up the chain of command and see how fast it comes back down!! Id also be intrested to know, if this idiot is military what rank he is holding......
  14. intli, on what regulations you are relying if the Army Leave Manual 1969 has not been changed? I do not think there is a contract of employment with the Army.
  15. I think you will find you have a contract of employment with the Army. Do you not have to give notice to cease your job? Does the MOD not have to give you formal notice to dispense with your services? Are you guarenteed a level of payment for the service you do? Are there regulations governing your employment and pension?

    If all of the above is in place then you have in law a binding contract on both parties. The only thing you can't do is use the MOD as they have crown immunity, although that has been successfully challenged in the past in some cases - note the sex discrimination, race discrimination etc.

    I believe you will find the manaual has been amended as was QR's 1969 and AGAIs over the years. I don't have a copy handy but I'm sure that someone on the AGC side could advise better than I - some Supt Clerk or Chief Clerk perhaps?