Is Labour now the natural party of the wealthy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. Watching the gnashing and wailing of teeth by Labour MP's and spokespersons on the news over the withdrawal of Child Benefit to high rate tax payers was most amusing…

    Oh teh noes! Mummy's on £43,000 a year will be unable to buy clothes for Tarquil!
  2. Seems to be a few people moaning, Even Mumnets are saying it will affect some of their members, by affect I assume they mean they won't be able to afford a second ivory backscratcher.
  3. Is Labour now the natural party of the wealthy?

    Judging by the lifestyles, financial arangements, book deals, living arangemets some of them have,it would appear so.
  4. Starting to quite like this Cameron fella. From each according to their means, to each according to their needs.

    Keep it up Dave, I may even vote for you one day. Unlikely mind.
  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Well it's leaders certainly....
  6. Had a minor arguement with the wife about Child tax credit, she doesnt understand why I wont apply for it!
    Simple Love, WE DONT NEED IT!!
  7. MSI64. If you don't need it, you can send it to me. They are screwing my pension.
  8. If I do, does that mean you will have to move in with us and make my house smell of old people???
  9. No good deed goes unpunnished. The answer is, therefore, yes.
  10. So, nothing to do with not being able to understand the application form then?
    That's the joy of a Gordon Brown designed benefits system-You need an academic brain the size of a planet to fill out the form. But people with a brain like that normally have well paying jobs. QED- Clever people claim benefits. Poor people don't.
    (Oh, excepting professional fraudsters, but the amount of effort they put into fiddling the system would be better rewarded by going into organised crime. Something like derivatives trading on the Stock Exchange for instance.)
  11. Well for all his being a Tory and a general ******, when it comes to knowing what he's talking about and telling the truth I'd take him over either TCB any day
  12. Are you saying you married a labour supporter?
  13. Married yes Labour supporter No
  14. It has been obvious for many years that Labour are the party of undeserved wealth. Just look at how they bailed out their friends in banking.
  15. Is King Herod the Patron 'Saint' of small boys?

    Labour is a 'busted flush' and its only achievement in the last fifty years is to have 'conned' the British electorate three times in a row!