Is kit really sqaddy proof?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Danny1297, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. Is there any kit that anyone has found that is truly squaddy proof,is it really true that our kit and especially our personal weapon is made by the lowest bidder?
  2. The issue waterbottle. No one could fcuk that up, surely?
  3. Old crisp packet waterproofs, they were bomb proof! But moist on the inside!

    Oh, and G10 for men watches

    and green string!
  4. Oh yes they blimming well could! They melt if left next to a hexy cooker as one of my OP party found out "the hard way"...

    there is always something the boys and girls can do, even to the biggest, monolithic piece of kit you can think off. Or to be even handed, that the officers can do to even the most technical gadgets.

    I once removed the door of a Gazelle myself..oops. Pilot got very shouty although afterwards "we all saw the funny side of it"...
  5. However, the fire proof plastic water bottle came in at £500 each.
  6. Once saw a bit of kit that was tagged as totally squaddie proof. Well it was until two giggling squaddies tied it the back of a pair of 432's(might have been a siggy version not sure of its designation) and drove them in opposite directions... Never EVER tell a squaddie they cant break something as they will just see it as a challange!
  7. Fatcakes,

    What was the piece of kit. Mk6 Helmet?

    Once saw a video of one supporting one end of a pontoon bridge that was being driven over by Challengers.

    Didnt believe it at all!
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Wasn't there a piece in the paper today about the development of Army Mugs, back in the '60s, that led to the Black Wonder we have today?

    As to water bottles, I had recruits who regularly fecked them completely by putting in anything other than water. Screech for example will taint a plastic water bottle for ever. G&T is slightly better, but not a lot.

    Most indestructable bit of Army Kit? No such thing! Squaddies can, proudly, break or lose (or both) absolutely anything.

    And is our kit made by the lowest bidder? Not necessarily; it has to do the job (in theory). But you wouldn't want to pay what some of these money-grubbing Companies want to charge us anyway :)
  9. It was a radio of some kind..... not clansman and it was about 5 years ago. Didnt stay to find out as I saw from a distance that the radio lost the battle. Not even sure how they attached it but it held for about a second before being torn apart.
  10. A Mess tin - They may get a bit dented but what can you do to them?

    Mind you I remember hitting someone over the head with one.
  11. I ripped apart a mess tin once. I was bored.
  12. Surely it's pretty difficult to destroy a 320, they are supposedly indestructable. They have certainly stood the test of time so far.
  13. Anyone remember from school days "Shatter-proof" rulers??????

    Give one of them to a squaddie and you get "Shatter-proof!!! Oh realy!!!!!!!!!!!"
  15. 84? never saw one of those damaged