Is Ken screwed?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_n_fat, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. It would appear that in a bout of self inflicted foot shooting, Ken has killed off any chances of being elected Mayor, by being a tad economical with the facts, surrounding his tax affairs. He has also managed to further paint himself into a corner by thinking that Boris had something to hide and would refuse to disclose, when he didn't.

    WATCH: Cocky Ken Promises to Publish - Guy Fawkes' blog

    From the times paywall site. Extract used as fair comment, if needs be Mods please removed

    "Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, took the rare step today of releasing his
    personal accounts for the past four years to show that he had paid full tax
    on earnings of just under £1.7 million.

    Mr Johnson campaign team published a letter sent to him by his accountants,
    Begbies, confirming that he earned a total of £473,280 last year and paid
    tax and National Insurance of £213,749.

    The figures show that Mr Johnson, who has a weekly column in The Daily
    Telegraph and is also a successful author, earns more than £300,000 a
    year on top of the £130,000 a year he earns as Mayor.

    Altogether, over the four-year period, he earned £1,699,257 and paid tax and
    NI of £684,719."
  2. Ken has been a known twat for years but it has never affected his career much. The people who vote for his type cant do maths anyway!
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  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Since I don't live in London I'm in 2 minds about the results. On one hand I like Boris - he has charisma and humanity and seems to have done a good job so far. On the other hand, Ken is a hypocritical chippy socialist, stuck in an outdated era of class war whilst grabbing every penny he can at the expense of other people.

    London deserves him.
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  4. Just to add a quick update.
    It appears Boris has paid around 41% of his income in Tax.
    Paddick has paid around 20%
    The fearless fighter of Bankers, fat cats and tax avoiders, has declined to publish.
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Boris is a clever old sod - I bet he's seen this coming for years.

    I presume Paddick's only paid 20% because he's on benefits and tax credits? I mean, what does he do between losing mayoral elections?
  6. Millions of idiots will still vote for Ken.Tower Hamlets and Brent usually lead the way. He's a pro socialist who's never done a hard days work but somehow feels qualified to tell the rest of us what we should be doing. How can you have a mayor of a city that shakes hands with the very terrorists that were committed to its destruction?

  7. 2010/2011

    Police pension: £63,397

    Other earnings: £13,355

    Total income received: £76,804

    Total on which tax is due: £70,329

    Total tax due (and paid): £14,534

    Now that's a proper pension.
  8. I'm sorry I have read that three times and still can't work it out, very, very tired. Yes Boris has shown he paid the right amount of tax but Ken has what? Not disclosed? Wont disclose? Disclosed and been found to be cheating? The last I heard he set up a company to pay three people. Has this changed because that is quite legitimate even for a major throbber like that commie git.

    Boris all the way etc etc.

    Incidentally, Id be interested to hear from anyone that knows first hand what Paddock was like at the Met. A general good egg/bad egg briefing. He strikes me as the sort who likes the word 'service' better than 'force' and is such a silly billy of the lowest order.That is just by factless reckoning and I am keen to have my bias challenged or confirmed. Many thanks.
  9. They don't call him "Red" Ken for nothing! I live and work in London, and see the legacy left behind by Ken Livingstone. He will be forever remembered for introducing Bendy Buses and Rickshaws into central London, making the congestion in the city absolutey horendous! If you don't believe this, try driving through the West End, Leicester Square or any of the surrounding areas without being held up by traffic because some prick on a rickshaw has parked at the side of the road, forcing the buses onto the main carriageway, causing absolute chaos!

    Lastly, Ken is one of these extreme left wing looneys who will do anything to get into power, and then use that power to introduce policies that make the average persons life difficult. To sum up, the man is an absolute cot death!

    Boris on the other hand, although he is a little eccentric and looks like he's just come off a six week exercise, is extremely down to earth and loves to show that he has the one thing the other politicians fear... Common sense! ;)
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  10. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Nothing Ken has done is illegal - the way things were set up is entirely within the bounds of the law.

    However, Livingstone has been criticising people for tax avoidance while doing exactly the same thing himself. Apparently, this sort of arrangement is wrong for bankers, but OK for him.

    The word for that is hypocrisy.


    And while we're on the subject of champagne socialist hypocrisy, I love senior labour politicians who tell people to send their pupils to failing state schools while sending their own offspring to the best public schools they can afford.
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  11. In a nutshell
    Boris has published his tax affairs, he pays approx 40% tax (what he should be doing)
    Paddick has published his tax affairs, he pays approx 20% tax (what he should be doing)
    Ken has refused to publish, despite saying he would, live on tv.
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  12. Rent-a-quote on TV and Newspaper when you want someone who doesn't know the circumstances to criticise the old bill.
  13. Don't forget that some animals are more equal than others...
  14. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    From old n fat's post, it doesn't appear to pay very well. Slightly over £1000 a month. What does he do all day?
  15. As someone who works for London Underground (no I'm not a fcuking train driver, and nor am I in line to earn a bonus akin to the worth of the crown jewels for working over the global sports week, regardless of what the Evening Standard says), I hope and pray that Ken gets shoed off the planet this time. If by some mischance he wins, the capitol will effectively grind to a halt within a year. The man's one rung below pond scum. And as Boris stated repeatedly in an LBC lift (allegedly), "A ******* LIAR".