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Is Keith the new Rupert?

There seem to be a lot of ruperts out there called Keith.....   maybe BadCO could set up a poll so that the people using this site can cast votes for the most popular officer's name......?
Keith the new Rupert?  You are sailing periliously close to the wind, FS...

You're not to old for a good spanking my girl!  grrrr!   ;)
Flash, I agrees with ya and offer my services
Thank you Grumblin, you can test the waters, and if you're beaten to a bloody pulp by a jealous and disgruntled field field officer from a certain infantry regiment you will have sacrificed yourself in the noble cause of saving me from a "conduct unbecoming" court martial! ;)

Good luck tapping the boards in front of the Brigadier!
Well as long as it isn't as bad as last time I did that board tap dancing it's a risk I'm willing to take beside I may have reached my service ceiling  8)

Although I may need to read between the lines and guess I should be thinking off limits? :-[

Bit slow on the up take and well who wants to clean their uniform again for another visit to the Brigadier  :-X
Just dug this up from deep in the forum. 2 1/2 years since the last post. Have we found any more Keiths? Are there any Waynes, Dwaynes, Norberts or Troys out there?


Met a Wayne subby in the R Signals years ago, was almost apologetic when he introduced himself. Knew a Toby in a cavalry regiment, great guy.

But Keith? Never!
In the USA it is currently en vogue to give kids surnames as first names (particularly, for some reason, Scottish sur (last) names) there are a lot of little Camerons, McKenzies, McPhersons etc., around. Whatever happened to Angus, Ruaridh, Andrew and Hugh?

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