Is JPAC feeding me a load of Bollox?

Anyone out there who knows the score please feel free to assist......

I was over paid an allowance for two years (not my fault but hey-ho) and so pending appeal the money is sitting in my pay as a public debt. That I am cool with but I am due the tax back on this sum.

My unit asked for it to be sorted in Dec 07 and they did it in two periods (post JPA and Pre-JPA). They said a cheque is en route for one but the other I have to wait 11 months until the end of the tax year for the rebate because they say it is tax law. As such, I am facing the prospect of having to pay back the overpayment (which incidentally I was informed I was entitled to on posting here) within 3 months (Pay law) yet I will not see my tax rebate for 11 months!!!

Is JPAC full of sh1t or is this really the case?

As an aside, what is the best form of appeal defence in this type of case?
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