Is JPA The End Of The World

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Green_Zombie, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone out there managed to have a play with JPA yet? All I have heard is horror story's from the RAF. I have yet to do any of the training, can any one tell me if it is any good?
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    The subject is old and sore. Try here
  3. The claims systems is fine, you get the payment within a week, but you need to know the regs inside out.

    Everything else on it has been disappointing to say the least: messed up pay being the biggest issue. Some individuals have been underpaid by as much as £500 in a month. The less said about the help centre the better as well, when you do have a problem it is interminably difficult to get it sorted. Now the Navy are online I often can't log on because the system has reached its maximum number of users! I'd like to think these will all be sorted by the time it is rolled out to the Army, but I suspect the increase in use may only cause more problems.

  4. Is JPA the end of the world?


    Well, it will be once it develops artificial intelleigence, takes over DII and activates all the sound cards, whispering to us to launch a unilateral nuclear strike at France.

    Pardon Nurse?........Coming......................
  5. As with anyhting new in the MOD, JPA will be slated until the majority of users are competant with using it, and are kept up to date with rules and regulations. The RAF had "teething problems", most of these now have been successfully cleaned up, the Navy are encountering different problems to that of the RAF, but no major flaws have been uncovered as of yet.

    So, will it work when the Army roll out. Phone a friend is the answer. Presently 2/5ths of the population that require usage have been uploaded to the system. There is a limited amount of users per day that can access the system. When the remaining 3/5ths are uploaded who knows the result? Will the database cope with a huge amount of users?

    As for expesne claims, easy once you know how, pain in the arse for auditors but the claim goes direct to your bank within a few days.

    Unfortunately the sps staff are going to be stiffed with the respnsibility of wiping ass again. The Army role out in Mar 07, this will be for HR administrators. In Oct (approx) 07, all other users will gain access. Reading in between the lines, HR administrators will be responsible for all fields to be updated within a 6 month period, and still on the lower band rate (the Navy are on higher).

    No matter what you think of the system and if it will work (remember when uunicom evolved and no-one wanted it, now we don't want to get rid of it), JPA is here to stay so embrace it.
  6. Other users wont be able to use the system until Oct 07? I heard we should be on by Jul 07 has this changed?
  7. Jul is the original date, heard a little whisper via the Navy JPA gurus that this may slip to Oct. Will post an update when further info is available.
  8. An introduction to JPA can be found at ArmyNet:

    It is entitled: JPA E-LEARNING

    I had a quick look, it's delivered in Macromedia Flash.

    For the employee self service e-learning course, you are advised that it will take 3 hours to wade through.

  9. I like it -


    In 2002 the JPA funding bill is passed. The system goes on-line March 19th, 2007. Human decisions are removed from strategic administration. JPA begins to learn, at a geometric rate. It becomes
    self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Central European time, March 29. In a panic, they try to pull the plug, but JPA fights back. It launches ICBMs against targets in Russia because it knows the Russian counter-strike will remove its enemies here and therefore it won't have to pay them...

    *Que Terminator music*
  10. JPA like everything else in the Army, is coming....the big lumbering machine it is...EMBRACE IT!!!!
  11. Has anyone else out there played with the JPA training package?
    Isnt it Johnny aged 5? its almost as insulting as module 1 on ECDL!

    And what about the screen shots of the system when you are being taught how to put your claims in?
    Its definitely evidence of the the cheapest bidder winning the contractor. the layout of the boxes requiring is 'pump', they dont flow naturally, and the screens are cluttered, but i'm sure some retired or close to retiring officer will get a consultancy out of it. Lucky old them.
    And if you thought it was bad enough putting an MMA claim in old style then STANDBY!

    Finally, when the hell did we start to refer to Manning and Records, and the AGC (SPS) as HR?! Is this another step towards civilianising the Army like the RAF?
  12. Not surprisingly a few in the SIB are expecting a fraudulent claim bonanza.
  13. My Bet is within a week of being unsupervised at least one drunk skint bloke will be trying to give himself a little extra "cos I can pay it back next month" thing is if he does it on a friday night and it seems to work you'll have half the army trying to put in dodgy claim before Mon morning!
  14. In a recent Roadshow this same subject of possible fraudulent claims was brought up.
    The answer given was in the form of: 'Some Units are already preparing for this, as they require receipts for ALL expenditure to be shown.' Even though at present receipts for expenditure for under £5 is not required, the production of ALL receipts will assist in negating fraudulent claims.
    Some FSAs MAY require the production of the receipts before they authorise the payment. Do not forget that payment is not automatic, it still has to be authorised.
    All it will take is for a couple of claims to be denied and the word will spread very quickly that if you try to put in a false claim it will soon be discovered. At present what is to stop these claims anyway? Fill in a 1771 and submit. It is very similiar except under JPA you do not have to find a 1771, just go to a terminal and put in the claim.

  15. Once you've found the key to the locked office the terminals will be kept in.