Is JPA getting better?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by The-Goose, May 24, 2009.

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  1. So after 2 years of use has JPA proved itself?

    Are the new "checks" due to soldiers defrauding the system just a sign that there really is a need for a proper admin setup at unit and sub unit level?
  2. Personally I think the fraud stick is being waved about by those who are upset soldiers are finally catching on to what they have always been allowed to claim for but have never been told before.
  3. Nice thought, but people are often just misclaiming for thing that they are entitled to, just in the wrong area. What is needed is Admin staff at the point of entry to make sure that indivs do not get it wrong.

    Deliberate fraudsters will eventually get caught.
  4. Personally I think you are spot on for instance how many soldiers in the past used to claim IE for periods away, now a simple 5 minute job and 'bobs your aunts husband'

    I also think that there will be an expenses review in the not to distant future to (cough) redress the balance 8O
  5. They need more servers to handle increased traffic during certain peak periods during the year (the last 4 weeks jumps to mind)

    The SJAR system needs adjusting to make it less me to you to me

    Perhaps a more user friendly GUI would be nice. Many of the fraudulent claims I've seen have been a result of most people including clerks and civvies not having a clue how to navigate the gumpf

    Oh and everyone on the helpline needs shooting
  6. No, it's still shite.

    Constant down time, interminable waits for your CR to load, over complicated, claims made as difficult as humanly possible for anything but the simplest claim and the stupidest system I've ever seen for PPPs.
  7. Perhaps the CoC should put a questionaire out asking for comments - they could use JPA??
  8. why are you bringing the helpline into it?

    the question was has jpa improved. it's got nothing to do with the helpline.
  9. Bit fucking touchy aren't you? Where might you work?

    To answer the original question, the claims side of it is great. The whole "losing years of peoples service while the helpline bluff and bluster" side is not so good...

  10. Welcome to the site, IrnBru!

    You aren't a member of the JPA Help Desk are you??

    The Help Desk is part of JPA, IMHO, and if people cannot get the system to do what they want, or need, they approach the Help Desk which should.... them.

    It's a novel concept, I know. And I'll probably be run out of town for saying so.

  11. msr

    msr LE

    JPA is the most embarrassingly user unfriendly load of crap I have ever had the misfortune to have to claim my expenses through.

  12. There is a questionnaire on the SPVA website at the moment, and no I haven't got a link.

    Needless to say, the majority of the boxes I ticked were "Unsatisfactory". There wasn't the option to select "Shite". :)
  13. But is fundamentally the same as a number of systems used by civ industries.

    Face it - JPA is cheaper than paying someone to sit down and work your claims out for you. Those days are long gone.

    But admittedly - it could be a bit more intuitive and user friendly.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Evidence please.

    How can it be cheaper for someone who is paid less than I am (this is not a dig) and has an intimate knowledge of the army's byzantine pay and allowance system - i.e. knows exactly what can be claimed for and when - to fill out the same forms?

  15. I like JPA, but not because it saves MoD money. It cannot be cheaper for me to spend hours inputing information onto JPA for claims and other admin, when I would previoulsy have handed my 1771 to an AGC private or LCpl to do it. And I hasten to add, the JNCO could probably do it far quicker than I can as he knows the system better.

    If MoD stumped up the cash to put JPA on the internet, they would start to save some money. I know full well that I would find myself doing claims and other admin in my own time, rather than taking myself away from my primary role to do admin.

    I am not averse to this, I do not mind sitting at home of an evening putting in an expense claim, having just returned from a meeting or visit to another unit. In fact, I would like to be able to get the claim squared away sooner rather than later, because I know that the next day I will be busy dealing with whatever the outcome was of the meeting or visit. As it stands I often find myself going back to the office to do the claim in the evening, if I'm not too late getting back. I would much rather be sat at home doing it on my own pc.