Is JFKerry a tool, or just politically deficient?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by ctauch, Apr 21, 2004.

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  1. Is Kerry hiding something or is he the coward he always was? He stated on the Sunday morning news show “Meet the de Pressed” he would release “all his military record” and that they were available at his campaign HQ. But, when the Boston Globe [left leaning piece of crap] inquired at his HQ they were told that all records Kerry intended to release were released and nothing else was forth coming.

    Appears that the Globe has some information that the first Purple Heart Kerry was awarded was done so 1) at his request...that is he applied for it himself 2) his CO questioned the award with a comment to the affect that Kerry's wound was minor, resembling a fingernail scrape.

    Kerry after getting his third PH then used an obscure Navy reg. that allowed and 3 time injured seaman to be sent stateside. This resulted in a total time in country of just 4 months, when the normal tour of duty was 12 months.

    He further fails to release performance evaluations by his superiors...So what’s the truth?

    Bush was accused of going AWOL/Deserting and as a result of those accusations released reams of documents to prove otherwise. Where are all of Kerry’s records, considering the fact that once he came back to the states he started accusing the military of war crimes; daily atrocities against the people of Vietnam. Is his refusal to release “all”, because he was deemed to be inept by his superiors or because he misused the system to obtain an “early out” of the theater?

    Is Kerry just a tool?

    Just asking chime in if you like, but in my book Kerry is a tool.
  2. Unfortunately, the liberal press will not jump on him like they have Bush.
  3. Check your in box.
  4. You didn't get the memo? His real name is Clinton Jr.
  5. Didn't think there were intelligent blonds in CaliFornicate :D
  6. If I may offer a perspective from the other side of the pond - I realise it is a painful subject still for a lot of Americans, and I'm not trying to wind anyone up.

    One of the constant themes that I've seen in writings about the Vietnam war is that it was in general fought by America's poor. The rich and middle class worked the system to escape the draft using the exemptions process or applying to the NG or other organisations that were never going to Vietnam. Or else they fled to Canada, etc etc. Clearly not true for everyone, but as a trend I think it's quite valid. The poor just got drafted and served.

    So it should not be surprising to find that most presidential candidates (given that they generally come from privileged backgrounds) have done something to reduce their exposure to serving in Vietnam. However, given that the generation running America now did the same thing I'm not surprised that they tend not to comment on such matters.
  7. There were a suprising amount of middle class fighting over there due to the draft. Not as many fled and used collage defements as one may think. Towards the end however, everyone was trying to stay out because of all the bad press and the reductions Nixon put into effect.
  8. One_of_the_strange
    Maybe but no one politician has ever wrapped himself in the Vietnam war like Kerry. He is traveling the country with an entourage he has dubbed the "Band of Brothers".

    Kerry's a tool :!:
  9. He's a bloody a**. He just might make it to the house because of all the negative media hype on Bush and the war.
  10. he's another skull and bones person (does that really exist) and must be therefore from the same mould as bush.


    Kerry releases military records

    US Democrat presidential hopeful John Kerry is posting his military records on the internet after questions were raised about his Vietnam war wounds.

    personally i don't have a favourite between reps and dems, but an arse is an arse no matter what party they come from.
  11. The double standard in the press/media is really pi55ing me off. When the allegations that Bush was AWOL or even deserted were raised by Michael Moore picked up by Wes Clark and further mentioned by JFKerry, the media out cry was tremendous.

    They called and insisted on the release of all of Dubya's military records and he did. They then took those records, medical, dental, pay, evals, etc...and plastered them all over the front page exposing facts that noone need to know such as the POTUS had hemorrhoids and how many cavities he has and the like. But never establishing the initial claim nor rebuking Moore for raising it in the first place or Clarke and Kerry for trying to get political mileage out of it.

    Here we are in a similar situation, there is some doubt as to the awarding of the first Purple Heart to JFKerry. The key difference is that Kerry has been using his military record as a campaign tool, yet refuses to release them. The doubt has been raised by his former CO, and not some left leaning actor/director like Moore.

    The double standard is sickening, and I for one hope this backfires on Kerry; deep sixing any chances for him to run for any political office again.
  12. Kerry called me and all other Vietnam veterans such names as baby killers, rapists, looters, destroyers of homes and villages, ad nauseum. When he helped organize the communist-inspired Vietnam Veterans Against the War (note, that in their pictures of the time they always displayed the Viet Cong and North Vietnam flags), along with the nefarious Jane Fonda (who should still be in Federal prison), he not only lost all credibility in my eyes, he became a prominent provider of aid and comfort to the enemy (who I spent three tours arguing with). Kerry as President of the United States is much worse than a laugh; it is a desecration of our country's honor. All the left siders want to gloss over his wounds as well as the questionable (at least in my military mind) award of the Silver Star. he violated several standing orders relative to the swift boats: 1. Never beach the boat. 2. The skipper never leaves the boat while on a mission. His Petty Officer machine gunner (who DOES NOT support his candidacy, had already shot the VC who fired an RPG at the boat. When one is shot with a .50 caliber MG, there is no need to chase after the shot person. What Kerry did, in effect, was shoot a dead man. His entire connection with Vietnam was a series of politically-influenced actions designed to do exactly what he wanted to do. The man is a cipher.
  13. You chaps may like these (it's a very slow day at the coalface!) They are anagrams of (vaguely) topical subjects. Enjoy! :D

    1. The Florida Vote Recount = Done To Cover Their Fault

    2. George W. Bush = He Grew Bogus

    3. Allied Force = Oil led farce = Farce! Old lie!

    On a slightly different tack, go here, and listen to a very angry former soldier venting his spleen about Kerry!

    Have a nice day! :D
  14. Another one:

    John Kerry = Horny Jerk.

    Cheers! :D
  15. Ok, Vietnam - Jane Fonda et al. She wanted to stop the war? She wanted to stop the body bags? Dont see a problem with that (I dare any of you septics to call me a tree hugging lefty). Troops in Nam did all they could, hats off to them. As usual, political fodder.

    Patriotism. An excuse for the govn of the day to fill said body bags? As relivant now as ever?

    Gulf War II. An excuse for the lack of, err, expideiance with the Osama situation?

    Current Iraq. We told you so?? No one likes to see troops die in 'peace time'.

    Kerry. Similar situation as in UK. The opposition are crap but are they worse than the c0ck we have?

    Bush. Shaved monkey or damn fine upstanding leader? The way I see it, all this prick is going to do is get more Yanks killed.

    LNV. Is she fcuking dead yet?

    Top tip septics, dont bite, dont knee jerk, please read into and make a comment.