Is Jeremy Clarkson a Mong spotter?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by asmallbrownduck, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. From the Sunday Times car section:

    "Buy a Bristol? Yes. Right. And then spend all day inside it, licking the windows".

    Full story here

    Looks like it to me.

  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I wouldn't put it past him - good man!
  3. Would that not make him a Mong?
  4. Well he is defintely a spotter! - Not so sure on the mong thing though. Maybe if his jaw was a bit slacker?
  5. He has Mong hair.
  6. i like clarkson he just enjoys what he does & calls a spade a spade.
  7. Agreed. Although his quote about wanting to shoot motorcycle riders in the face was a tad off kilter.
  8. Shhhhhh,,,,,dont say mong or doomandgloom will get ya!!!

    But yeah he is a mong spotter, the term "window licker" is at the upper end of the labboon spotters lingo.
  9. Do you get points awarded for the number of mongs spotted on a given day, and is a severed ear required as proof?
  10. Why???????
  11. Clarkson gave that gob-shite Piers Morgan a right hook.................that alone qualifies him for eternal hero-worship in The Dragoon's turret !
  12. Because we are 2 dimensional Helicopter Pilots :wink:
  13. "In a list of the five most rubbish things in the world, I’d have America’s foreign policy at five. Aids at four. Iran’s nuclear programme at three. Gordon Brown at two and Maserati’s gearbox at number one. It is that bad. "

    Not a bad list really...for a car journo
  14. I reckon thats a cracking list.....
  15. All heli pilots are 2 dimensional. :)

    PS I'd like to see you try and 'hover' a bike without using your feet!