Is it wrong to want to bang a Welsh tart dressed as a clown?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wireless_barf, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Quite apart from the fact your picture has a man dressed as a clown, it's right. There comes a time when we have to get them dressed up in order to get excited. I blame too much porn desensitizing me.
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  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Cuddles will be along in a moment to put you straight on clowns. Clowns are Cuddles' Kryptonite
  3. Yes, ignor the bloke (unless you like that sort of thing), its the bird on the right. Im sat here and have just watched here dancing about on screen.

    Can anyone edit my post and get the image embedded? No worky here.

    So - in your opinion theres nothing wrong with clowns from an arousal point of view. Must be the fact shes welsh which makes me feel dirty
  4. My diagnosis of ze original poster is zat he has ze deep subliminal need to be bummed by ze clown und zen ridiculed by ze clown for ze size of his small penis, while his muzzer watches.

    Zere iss no need to be alarmed as ziss is qvite normal fur peoples who are inadeqvate und have a problem wizz getting zer hardt on.

    I am zinking zat you also haf ze desire to have half a metre of barbed vire shuved up your bumhole, nicht Warre?

    Zat will be tventy guineas pliss. Mind zer door on ze vay aus.

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  5. Bloody germans - half a meter? I want three yards, and it had better be rusty!
  6. Österreich!

    Vielleicht möchten Sie lieber eine volle Kilt Länge? Dies ist vetybeliebt in Schottland. 9 Ellen von Wehrmacht Überschuss Stacheldraht?

    Ach diese insel affer sind so schwerierig to please.
  7. There is nothing wrong in finding Children's TV Characters attractive. It's healthy.

    This cheeky little minx from CBBC is gorgeous.

    View attachment 58857
  8. Was your SSHC (Small Scale Hardon Colider) fit the Clunge to collide with..... and did any 'stray particles' dribble down your pants?

    I know, I'm sick.... hat, gloves, coat, stick, zimmer frame..... Matron will take me back to the Home...
  9. On a par with Michaela Strachen many moons ago when she kick started her career in childrens entertainment. Still have flashbacks of breakfast watching her bouncing around on a trampoline wearing a mini-skirt and crop top (with knicker, to save anyone having to ask the obvious)! Long before the days of "The Hitman and Her"!
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  10. Not to mention incomprehensible!
  11. I bump into this girl everynow and then, she does something on s4c,


    One of the perks of having some relative whose a producer or something!
  12. Is she a gen up crip? She is a saucy little sausage.
  13. Fuck Off! She's mine! And so is that durrty little scutter Ms. Hooley!
  14. That's a signed pic!! How close did you get to her you perv...oh, p.s. see my post above!!!!