Is it wrong to shag a mongy bint?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_moff, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. Dearly assembled
    I have managed to gain a stalker of the female variety. A good thing you might say? Ordinarily, yes, but this one is a little strange. You see she's petite, blonde, pretty and whilst not a full-on window licker she talks to herself under her breath and sits for hours and say nothing, just looking creepy.

    So I beseech you, men of the ARRSE, would you shag a mongy chick?
  2. If you have to ask then you are either gay, or bragging about her stalking you. or both.
  3. (my bold) Bloody Hell! What's to complain about?
  4. The only information you need to make your decision is the word 'she'.

  6. If mongy chicks are not regularly impregnated the future supply of RAF recruits will dry up.

    Sperm chucker to your duty.....FALL OUT.
  7. Ask Artemis, half the Arrse membership cant be wrong?
  8. maybe she is rehearing telling her mates about the mong she pulled?
  9. You are right to feel concerned. This young girl obviously has issues and, to be fair, if you were to consent to a relationship you will only be taking advantage of her. This may well lead to loss of self esteem for yourself and will undoubtably lead to depression issues for the young lady. For her the consequences could develop into serious mental health issues in later life. I would suggest that rather than take advantage of a quick sexual encounter which would morally corrupt you, you would do better to become her friend. This way you could offer councel and perhaps steer her in the right direction *.

    * For the right direction please pm me for my post code.
  10. I let a deaf bird suck me off, when my sister found out she told my mam on me?
    who thinks I'm sick, she was only deaf and a bit dumb!
    So your going straight to hell.

    just a point having re-read, my sister was not the deaf bird sucking me off, that would be wrong, cos she's hanging.
  11. Bang her so hard her little round glasses steam up!
  12. If she swallows spunk no way can it be wrong. Why ask such a question in here?
  13. My mate used to regularly shag a deaf bint from Reading, a looker too. She's blow him off while he was reading Razzle. When he got bored he'd switch porn on full blast until he emptied in her mouth. The whole block would hear it, although I think I'm the only one who sychronised my orgasm with his.
  14. sits up says nothing nice footy with no corrie is on the other side
  15. This thread is pointless without piccies.

    But IMHO, you'd be a fool not to.