Is it wrong to remember fallen colleagues on Web Sites?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by asbachuk, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. I am interested in what people think about this. Having learned of the tragic death of a good friend today, (WO2 Lee Hopkins) I went to read his obituary on the main MOD web site.
    Having read it I chose to follow the "related link" that was the Royal Signals Website. Well I searched and I searched, yet I was unable to find any mention of this event, nor of any other of the sad losses our Corps has suffered not only in Iraq but Afghanistan. In my humble opinion this is wrong, I thought the News & Events page would be a likely site for any mention but they seem more content with us wishing the Corps yacht every success on Mercury Challenge.
    With no offence intended to the sailing fraternity of our Corps, surely there must be an Obituaries page or other suitable Memorial page set up. I have emailed the Webmaster with these points and I await an answer. Which I will post here when I receive it.
    Its only my opinion, what do you think?
  2. deleted by admin on request (contained incorrect email address)
  3. Thats Just Great. Fcukwits.
  4. Remember that the Corps webmaster isn't necessarily responsible for the content, just the admin and technical side. I would have thought that content comes under the chief information management headshed - probably COS SOinC(A)?
  5. Call me stupid but surely 'maintaining' ones mailbox is classed as a technical responibility, thus pointing the finger back at the Webmaster.....
  6. NWST that, you would expect the "combat communicators! of the British Army would have a spot on and up to date website. It is nothing short of a disgrace that whoever is responsible for the control of the site is derelict in his/her duty. Whoever it is should hang their head in shame....
  7. It would appear to be an out of date email address.

    (deleted by admin on request)
    (that information is in the public domain before anyone gets upset). Not sure if he is still the webmaster, but he was about a year ago.

    I got that information from the source of this page
  8. CS you're absolutely right, but the webmaster is the conduit into the information headshed and as nips quite rightly pointed out, as webmaster he should be in a position to manage an inbox!!!

    The main crux of my post, however, is the apparent lack of recognition to the sacrifice of our guys over there in Iraq/Afghanistan, and to be truthful not just recent times but all out lost comrades, we remembered them on Sunday. So my anger is really aimed at those information managers and their apparent lack responsibility in paying tribute to our war dead, it doesnt help that I have lost a good friend and emotion is playing a large part in this. Maybe there is a bona fide reason for not having such memorials on our Corps website, but the Intelligence Corps have an Obituaries page so I would just like to know why we havent.

    I ran a website at a previous unit and the Comd was keen to have a roll of honour that was dedicated to all the fallen, it was a simple page with a subtle backdrop of a faded poppy with names of the fallen and the year they died.
  9. (quote deleted by admin)

    Doom I hear ya, and as an ex-webmaster I can appreciate the said WO2 is in an awkward position of trying to please all of the people all of the time, it is difficult, I remember from bitter experience. But, he has a link on the site to report broken links and it now looks like his own email link hasn't been updated, a bit embarrassing dont you agree?
  10. I agree entirely, I was just trying to give you up-to-date contact details so that you could ask him your original question (which I suspect will be forwarded to RHQ R Signals or HQ SOINC(A)).

    When you email him again you could also point out the other out of date email address :D
  11. I know you were Doom and no offense intended, its just something I feel strongly about!

    I put my comments into their questionaire, but I fear it may have ended up in The Green Party's "give us your views on Global Warming and its effects on Organic Underwater Yak Farming" mailbox
  12. I think it would be a excellent way to remember our friends whether they left us in combat or in peacetime situations
  13. Thank you Bow_Man for the link,
    I do feel that we all should do more, not one of the four or five members of the Corps which have passed away over the last couple of years from Op Telic are listed.
    What should we do to correct this?
  14. Elmo, you must have read my mind, and I agree with your observation.

    I have had a reply from the webmaster, the crux of it is as follows;

    The Corps has a policy not to have obituaries on its area of the website; the primary focus of this site is PR and recruiting. Instead there is roll of honour in the Garrison Church in both Blandford and Catterick along with a war memorial to all those who have died in conflicts on the edge of the main parade square in Blandford.

    I replied by stating I accepted this, but I still felt that there should be a Roll of Honour on the Website. I was also asked if I wished to take it further to speak to the Regimental Colonel. I am going to think about it and may submit a formal letter trying to justify a case. But I am going to let the dust settle first.

    What do people think? Should I just wind my neck in? Should I propose a motion to have one added?