Is it wrong to punch disabled people?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hallveg, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Had a man with no legs road rage at me today and it got me to thinking is it wrong to punch a spaz? if he started it like?
  2. Its wrong to punch anyone. I know several people who are disabled and give as good as they get.

    Why do you suppose a man with no legs is a spaz anyway? Having no legs is a physical disability and nothing else.

    Pretty quick to stereotype aren't we......

    <end of rant>
  3. Sorry i ment physical reject, cursed, legless freek, you want me to stop?

    and if your going to rant about my low standards then there are a few things you should know

    1) i dont care
    2) i dont care

    that important i thought i would mention it twice
  4. come down to RAF Brize Norton on the 30th March. Im sure I know someone who would love to hear your views on this subject :wink:
  5. Yep one turned all nasty & chased MDN after he twated him with a clothes prop.

    If they were knarly looking stumps that were fused together.... i reckon that would qualify for spazzy? Can you describe his stumps so we can make a fair judgement>?
  6. 3) Neither do I
  7. Mike, you are so sensitive it makes me want to seep tadpoles.

    It is not wrong to punch the odd spakka or twenty.

    What is wrong though, is the failure of following up a blinder of a right hook without touching them in their "special places". These places are normally indicated to the victim by a policewoman and a doll.

    Next time you get raged at by a breeze block head, go perverse early.

    Hope this was of some help.
  8. thank you i will try. was a bit confused by the whole issue as he was ranting at me, and i hadn't done anything, the man who had just drove off, i only stopped to see if he was ok.
  9. Wah, Ho Hum, and this supposed to impress me - because?
  10. Stop crying then!
  11. its only ok if you dont use your own legs. unfair advantage and all that.. mind you it does mean you could run away when he starts to batter you:lol:
  12. Although i get your point that there may be some hero's with no legs blah blah blah....

    i have a injured hand (shark bite, honest)

    and my kids call it my spaz hand

    i suppose it depends on if you have a sence of humour about it eh?
  13. Hallveg,I resent your remarks about a 'spaz' sir and ask that you withdraw this comment immediately please.If you are not disabled yourself then you will never understand how vulnerable disabled people are and for the likes of you to have a go at a disabled person in this rather childish way gives cause for concern of society today.I hope that you will never be disabled and have the need of a wheelchair or whatever.
  14. One thing that still confuses me is he was driving a car???
  15. i resent your resent
    as i do have a spaz hand and what i choose to call it is my business.

    i do think that disabled people are fair game thought fair one, but i also think able bodied to be fair game aswell, put that in your equality pipe and smoke it.

    equality = treating everyone the same

    if i ever need a wheelchair i pray to the great jedi kings that i keep my sence of humour about it. (just like my spazzy dad, who thinks its funny when i leave him stranded in his wheelchair in the middle of a roundabout when im out walking the disabled old tart and he gets gobby!

    i also think society today is soft cos of over sensitive tossers like you.