Is it wrong to make your guests pay for a BBQ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. So my mate is having a BBQ for his birthday and wants everyone to chip in £4 for food and drink. Isn't this bad form? Isn't it always the done thing for guests to bring their own food instead? One wouldn't want to make a profit from the donations but I imagine this is the case.

    I made a mention that it's better to bring food as you shouldn't really charge guests but his excuse was 'we'd end up with cheap food and everyone would bring the same thing'.

    What does everyone else think? I don't want to appear cheap, but I also think it's incredibly rude to charge your guests. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, I just don't really agree with it tbh. I always thought making any profit from other's company, or from people coming to your own birthday/social event is just wrong. What if there's £20 left over? Who gets that? Not that it's an issue but 99% of the time I bet it goes in the host's pocket and this goes against the very nature of hospitality. At the most you ask people to bring a few buns and burgers or a dessert.

    I realise this is the NAAFI but there's no-where else to post this.

  2. The tight cunt you should have wrecked the place
  3. If I invite guests to a party I am throwing... Then I fucking throw it and shoulder the costs myself.

    Couldn't imagine inviting people round and charging them.

    Your mate is a tight-fisted, skin-flinty fucker!

    Shun him.
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  4. It's this weekend and yes he is tight, it's just a bit delicate cos you don't want to call him a tight cunt on his birthday and appear as a tight cunt yourself for not coughing up a mere £4. It's more to do with form and manners than the money though.

  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    You do realise that he hasn't mentioned this charge to anyone but you in the hope that you don't turn up, right?
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  6. Yes, it is wrong. He's a knobber. No real surprise, seeing as he has no choice but to have friends like you. I would probably pay it, but ensure I ate 12 pounds worth of food and drank 16 pints. The pints would ensure i was drunk enough to windmill the host and wreck the place.
  7. I'm with 60.I am surprised you have someone to call a mate.
  8. Yes it's tight; I wouldn't expect people I'd invited to a bbq to provide money nor food.

    What's he going to do, collect it at the door and if someone doesn't pay up then deny them entry?
  9. Excellent point! However, he has mentioned the charge openly on the facebook event page so one can only assume it is genuine. I think it may be cos my mates are in their mid to early twenties and are generally clueless about social protocol. I'm constantly having to introduce myself to people as my hosts don't really know that they're meant to introduce their guests to each other. Although I think this might be because they don't want to introduce me...

  10. I'D happlily pay £4 to watch you melt your face on the BBQ charcoals before ramming a broom shaft up your arse and turning you into a giant kebab.
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  11. Give him his 4 fucking quid and then give him his birthday card with a receipt for the cost price.Eat the tight fuck out of house and home then disown him!
    By the way HerefordGirl1986 it is common practice to get your thruppenny bits out for everybody to check out within 10 posts of joining..........................................we're waitng!!!
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  12. I like to be friends with people I have something in common with, he's a tight, callous, selfish, lying bastard and a scoundrel too. Together we're excellent company.

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  13. I somehow don't think that he's going to make a massive profit from £4 per head. That won't even cover the beer.

    Best you report back after the do. If he's got strippers and a bouncy castle, I'd say that £4 is well worth it.
  14. You should pay it, then proceed to grand slam right in front of the BBQ, ensuring nobody eats the food, and all are dissatisfied, and the whole event goes down in common memory as a costly and unsatisfying failure.
  15. He is a Tony Blair walt!!!!!
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