Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by onfire, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. Charlotte_Roberts does it for me - in my head anyway - I've got her pegged as a sexy svelt fox, perhaps like that girl from Neighbours who went on to become a singer (Stephs sister, i think she does the Reverse Charges advert) ... anyway

    Who on here does it for you - mental image anyway?
  2. Charlotte is a North Sea fisherman called Kevin.

    It's amazing how wrong your perceptions can be, I still imagine Tricam to be a civilian who posts continuously on a military based website, ohh, he is.....................
  3. You do onfire...........................I get a mental image of sloshing unleaded all over your head then casually flicking a match toward your terrified face. Maybe that'll teach you stop indulging in a roundabout way of cyber flirting with C_R who is actually a 22 stone labourer from Dudley called Barry.
  4. door_bundle - is that the form a window-licker takes when ejected, bound in binbags, from a fast moving car?

    no flirt - just comedy - it would make ME laugh if CR was a welder from wigan
  5. No, Geordie got it right, I'm a fisherman but I drop my line in the Irish sea, not the north.
  6. I like the cut of your jib Charlotte, you've got we go again!
  7. No, you're thinking of "disposing of a recently skinned and gutted whore who took the p1ss out of my budgie tongue c0ck."
  8. Onfire....drag yourself onto an arrse crawl..meeting people in the flesh almost makes you want to cancel your membership....imagine my surprise to find that sixtyfootdoll, isn't sixty feet at all. But auld yin unfortunately is definitely auld. oddly enough though, hitlerwasabitnaughty does look like shrek
  9. I love DBMk11 as I'm sure he's really a she and looks like Joanna Lumley......any chance of a double bagger shag DB ?
  10. Yes and if you're really good you may lick my 7 3/4 inch long "clit" :D
  11. I'm gonna have to say either Rowums, Klepto or AF1771
  12. What's a 1771 Charlotte?
  13. Get in 8)
  14. I have no idea...
  15. Thought not.