Is it wrong to fancy Ginger buuuurds??

Dont ask me why but ginga women just do it for me, especially if they are covered in feckles...should I see a doctor about this infliction?


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Yes, go now before it's to late. Before you are treated like an outcast.
And how can you handle the smell of stale p*ss all the time?
Are you a member of the gwar community yourself?

If not get yourself to the MO and sent away to a nice padded cell until the fantasies of bus stops, tower block lifts, and sugar puff aromas leaves you.

Don't you know they catch fire if exposed to daylight!!
Are you still here? Anyone who fancies a bird who both looks and smells as if she has ben caught up in an explosion in a baked bean factory needs serious help.
You are all talking bollox - or fox pish - but in any event you speak of the love that dare not speak its name; that of man for gingger wooman. This is an ancient perversion practised by turns overtly and covertly, according to religious and social practises of the day. It was not in fact until Lulu broke the gwar barrier of social acceptability in the 1960s, that doing gwars became a socially viable route.

I have been doing gwars all my life. Indeed, if you include me then my modal sexual partner of choice is gwar too...but as for gwar burrds, get yourself fell in and roger as many as you can. Interestingly in my experience throughout a lifelong study of the gwar burd, they do not go grey "down there" as early as other coloured fandango bushes. I wonder why?
jimnicebutdim said:
Are you a member of the gwar community yourself?
I'll be the first to admit that my middle eyebrow is as ginga as they come...but I have taken professional hair colour is officially dark ash blonde!!

This stems from Patsy Palmer!! apart from the irritating whining voice (RICKIIIIIII!!!) which made me want to smash her grid in...the hair colour and freckles made me want to smash her back doors in!! I think I could withstand the stink of vixens pish and digestive biscuits for a go at giving her a hoop dhobi!!
Bah_Humbug said:
I dont mind the ginger bird from Girl's Aloud. She the best one and bound to be filthy.
She's a fcukin' sour pussed pigdog with as much going for her as my gwar dog!
Thank feck it's not just me then. I've been a closet gwar fancier for years but was always to scared to admit it. Definately my favorite flavour :hump:
You see your getting it all wrong, the correct term for the Female form is 'Flaming Red Heads'.
And their is only one way to know when you have satisfied a 'Flaming Red Head' in that she unties you.
Nowt wrong with a good FRH


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Hello. Is this Gwars Annonymous? Supa!

My name is Mlar, and I quite like Gwars. I haven't had a Gwar for over a month now. Instead, I've been licking windows, eating ice cream and holding ballons (when I've not been having it away with other mllars, both male and female).
The gene responsible for red hair was only discovered in the late 1990s. People have a good chance of being born with red hair if they have a mutation of that gene.

Tis a mutation, only MDN and Lord Flash pump mutants....
Now I would say that all Gwar's should be put down at birth however when you look at evidence like this, I think there should be an exception....

Do the carpet and curtains match though? That is the ultimate question?
Best be ginger then eh?

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