They are hanging Nguyen Tuong Van in the morning. I am not myself in favour of hanging Australians. I’m in favour of beheading them, but hanging is oafish. The government of Singapore has come in for a lot of criticism for this unpleasant fetish of theirs; but as long as they are sure, beyond all reasonable doubt, that he is Australian... As David C says in the comments, which of us can honestly put his hand on his heart and say that we haven’t at some time wanted to hang an Aussie? I know I have.

Let he who is without motes in his eye cast the first beam.

I don’t know why the government of Australia doesn’t string up a couple of Singaporeans in retaliation. That’s what I would do. It’s idiotic, but sometimes idiocy is all we have left.
Why on earth would it be wrong to hang Australians?
of course it isn't'd be just like the old days when they all went there in handcuffs!!!!!
I was dead against hanging..... until I saw David Campese.......
And Shane Warne!!!
tough sh1t, he is a big boy, and Im sure he was well aware of the consequences beofrehand, besides if he didnt, its slack drills and he should of recce'd his plan. Knobber!
Lots of Australians are descended from people who should have been hanged anyway, but were deported instead.

Why stop at Australians - there's chavs, paedophiles and a thousand other deserving causes out there - all in favour of it myself
The only problem with hanging them would be, it would cause a severe lack of bar-staff in London pubs! But then again, when all the Illegals have finished working on the nick in Colly, perhaps they could go and pull pints down at the old 'Pig and Whistle', that is all the ones who don't want to be coppers in Avon!
I was searched at Brisbane Airport on Long Look 01. It was during the foot and mouth thingy. The customs fella was going to town for no reason and I told him as such. He picked up my passport and said "Mr Guru, do you have a criminal record ?" I replied "I'm sorry I didn't realise you still needed one" He was unchuffed and all the lads in the queue behind me were guffawing rather badly. On a separate not the training squadron of the Singaporean Air force is based at Oakley (Aussie version of Middle Wallop) just outside Toowoomba. Politics eh??
whats the big sign say as you enter singapore airport,tuff titties on his part.
Just another Cabramatta loser,should change the post to is it right to ex gook aussies.
Now some pc person/govt wants a minute silence when hes slotted ,Ill just knock one out.
Get a grip ,the man is guilty.
PS- no mention of a min silence from down under for GEORGE BEST,not even a half mast,so I vote for death penalty for aussie /international drug pushers.
Hope his video is posted on the net.
It annoys me to think that paedophiles in this country get a few years in a relatively cushy prison ( relative to say the glasshouse or the labour camps of soviet Russia), and are free to live out the rest of their lives (and even have the luxury of identity protection and all that boll*x) and then you have some gimp whos caught carrying a bag of chemicals gets a hanging. Im not trying to defend drug trafficers, but it is quite likely this guy is just a stupid Tw*t, caught up in something way out of his depth. Doesnt really compare to the evil perverts who prey on kids. Im always quite sympathetic to people who get the book thrown at them for drugs offences, yes they should be punished, but at the end of the day certain drugs are only evil because society says so. Alcohol and Cigarettes are both killers, alcohol destroying lives left right and center (when used to excess). I think Australia and other western governments have a duty to try and overturn such sentances as its a bit of an insult to the victims and families of rapists and murderers in this country if the offender in their case only gets a decade at best in jail, and some gipo who carried the wrong bag of plant extract gets a proper sentance.
Yossarian. what a load of B*llocks. What you should be saying is Hang Rapists and Paedophiles too. And if the executioners job is going, then I'll throw my hat in the ring. Take your pinko attitude and stick it. Wnaker
along this thread, if you have never seen a film called "Return to Paradise" then it is f*cking brilliant.

About 3 lads travelling in Malaysia. One of them is caught with the hash that all 3 were using. anything over 100 grammes, they are assumed to be a drug dealer not a user. so he faces being hanged, and the other two have to decide whether to go back, share the responsibility and do some time in a malaysian prison to save their mate's life.

awesome film, loads of twists. you'll never forget it, thats for sure. and you'll probably never go to malaysia on holiday either!


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DrStealth said:
They are hanging Nguyen Tuong Van in the morning. I am not myself in favour of hanging Australians. I’m in favour of beheading them, but hanging is oafish.

It is only oafish if you use that ridiculous cowboy knot.
What you should be saying is Hang Rapists and Paedophiles too.
Thats actually what I was saying. I was using the leniancy shown to serious crimes in this country as a comparison to the execution of someone who had commited a morally much less serious crime. If im a wanker for merely stating this and for thinking that every crime shouldnt necessarily deserve a death sentance then i will wear my w*nker badge with pride.
Barclays_Banker said:
You'll be suggesting that we can't abuse the Welsh next !
God forbid! Never held anything against the Welsh till recently, but spent a week abusing one & she loved it :twisted:

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