Is it worth voting in the British elections?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Snorkel_Grid, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Labour have imported Zimbabwe style tactics into British elections. Again this year as years passed, labour are facing a postal vote rigging-related scandals across British cities, an indication of Labour's desperation which insults those died fighting for our Democracy.

    Sunday Times reporter investigating electoral fraud, which experts now believe has become endemic in Britain’s cities. Secretly taped recordings she made last week, to confirm many people’s fears that senior Labour figures are carrying out practices which could have a decisive effect on the outcome of this week’s local elections.
    In a car park Uni. students were told to trawl the surrounding streets collecting postal ballot forms from voters and, if necessary, to help residents to complete their ballots. Hyde warned: “Put the postal vote form out of sight...Don’t get caught with any on you. We are not supposed to collect them.”
    He appeared well aware of the ramifications of what he was suggesting. One of the students conspiratorially told the group he believed that what they were doing was “illegal”. Hyde responded: “Yes it is. But we’ve done 25% already, so f*ucking what...”
    The Sunday Times is supplying a dossier to the police and the council’s returning officer containing transcripts of the tape recordings as well as interviews with voters.
    The dubious tactics are perhaps indicative of the desperation that is coursing through Labour’s ranks as the local elections approach. Polls are predicting that Labour is heading for its worst local election showing for more than half a century. Its poll rating at local level is running at just 24%.
    Labour are fearing the rise of the BNP, but does that give rights to turn our nation into a vote rigging banana republic?
    “All the parties use the Muslim connections...while there is paranoia in the country about the use of Asian voting systems... They have a brilliant network: they pass it on; they are the ones getting caught in voting rigging and over the years many have been arrested and charged.

    The undercover reporter found herself in the front room of one couple — Catherine and John — in their eighties. The woman quickly produced her postal ballot and asked for help in filling it in. She then handed the ballot paper to the reporter. Not knowing what she did.

    In a conversation on Friday, the student said to the undercover reporter: “Yeah, it is a little bit dodgy. It is a little bit open to allegation of whatever. But all we are doing is trying to keep it pretty quiet.”

    A study by the Electoral Commission last year found that about 500,000 people felt fraud was a “big” problem in local elections because of “first-hand experience”. The problems is Labour.
    Richard Price QC, an expert on electoral law, said: “I look at the situation as like a large bowl of water. Previously there were a couple of holes in it — isolated cases of fraud — but suddenly it has become a colander. It is a complete crisis.

    Secret orders for canvassers

    Keith Wakefield, the leader of the Labour group on Leeds city council, drives two students and an undercover reporter to Gipton and Harehills.

    Wakefield: So our job, I believe, will be to make sure they have either done it [their postal vote] or we help them...Now the reason why it’s really, really important on this one: the average postal votes for a ward in [the] city is 800 to 1,000, there’s 4,000 postal votes [in Gipton and Harehills]... So it’s make or you know, more people vote through postal than not. If we can get back those votes for Labour we can win this. So it’s really, really important that we chase the votes. I have never known as many postal votes in any election in 20 years.

    Student 2: Do you know why it’s so many?

    Wakefield: Yes. We can speak amongst friends. It’s very much an Asian, half Asian, half white working-class ward. And er, both, all the parties use the Muslim connections, which probably some people would frown at, and families to get everyone on postal.

    Student 1: That’s exactly what we’ve done in our ward.

    Wakefield: Oh right yes. So while there is paranoia in the country about the use of Asian voting we all know, they have a brilliant network; they pass it on; they all want to use the postal.

    Wakefield, students and undercover reporter arrive in the car park at the Fairway pub in Gipton and meet Graham Hyde, a Labour councillor. Hyde briefs the group on what to do.

    Hyde: Simply, what I want you to do is you knock on the door, say you are from the Labour party...‘Have you received your postal votes?... These are all Labour people. ‘Have you returned it?’ If they give it to you in your hand, you collect it and put it in the postbox...If they haven’t, you say: ‘Have you got your postal vote?’

    Wakefield: You’ve got to do it for them.

    Hyde: The thing is we want to know who has returned them. And if you are knocking on the door and they have a postal vote and they haven’t done it, ‘Would you like to do it? We’ll put it in the post?’ You have to do it very careful...because they [the opposition or the authorities] are watching everyone.

    Wakefield: I know, I know.

    Hyde: All these here are postal votes.

    Wakefield: All we are doing is chasing the postal... Do you have to seal it [the postal ballot] before posting?

    Hyde: Yeah, seal it all up... We also want to check they are voting Labour as well. Yeah? If they are voting Liberal Dem, then don’t offer to put the postal vote in. We’ve found 10 so far out of all those we’ve done in Gipton.

    Student 3: ‘Yes, I’ll post that for you!’ [laughs]

    Hyde: Yes that’s it, and then it ends up in the toilet [laughs]. I know...Put the postal vote form out of sight, or if you are passing a postbox throw it in it. Don’t get caught with any on you. We are not supposed to collect them.

    Student 4: Yes, it’s illegal to collect.

    Hyde: Yeah.

    Reporter: Is it? Why?

    Student 4: It’s illegal to collect, isn’t it?

    Hyde: Yes it is, but we’ve done 25% already, so..........

  2. It was obvious that postal votes were only to allow rigging to take place. If people who want to vote cannot organise transport for one day of the year or organise a proxy then they shouldn't be allowed to vote anyways.

    As i've said elsewhere, the one thing that we should copy from the French is a damn good revolution. Just scrap the entire system and start again. :x
  3. Dont think its fixed but someone has just leaked the results of Thursdays local elections!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I dont vote as i dont understand politics.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Look at my signature block. The quote is over 2000 years old and still holds true today.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Our Council has been run, extremely successfully, by a Resident's Association for many years. Main-stream Parties hardly get a look-in, and judging by their performance in neighbouring Boroughs, it’s not surprising.
    I will probably vote for them again – there is absolutely no need to bring national party prejudices and doctrine into local politics.
    So, if you don't like the deceitful, dishonest, and thoroughly underhand methods of many 'local' politicians, start your own Resident's Association.

    Local Councils for Local people, we say!
  7. Absolutely it is. It'll show the b*stards we're not going down without a fight.

    If there ain't a mainstream party that suits you, vote a fringe one or spoil your ballot, but don't let them get away with claiming voter apathy is the reason things are f*cked up. It's their fault and they should be held to account by being made to get a proper job.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Damn right it is.

    Countless people have given their lives for you to exercise your vote.

    It would be an insult to their memory if you failed to go.

  9. You MUST vote, Blair and Brown rely on your apathy in order to claim that the lunatics who vote for them constitute a democratic mandate.

    Vote with your conscience, do not be fooled by the lies and spin.
  10. In 2000 the Government allowed postal voting on demand because they were terrified that the natural Labour voters in some areas included many Spongers and Dossers who simply could not be bothered to get off their arrses & vote despite being easily able to do so.

    Before that voters had to give a good reason why they could not use a polling station. Now you just have to ask.

    Despite all the warnings, Labour refused to build in anything that made the postal voting system secure. Voting fraud is now endemic in many parts of the country and is an utter disgrace.

    I would say it is another horrible Government failure to lament but from the Labour Party perspective it has of course been a huge winner!

    Restore the old system and prosecute those attempting electoral fraud
  11. Have already voted, interesting this time, first past the post for constitency, regional list vote, and STV for local council.

  12. True words, that we HAVE to vote if we want our choices to be followed.

    However, I can see how people would be disheartened by the fact that the parties that are likely to win are all the same, and that the results coming from postal votes will be rigged anyway.

    But yes, we must vote. Maybe we should start the Arrse political party! Did I see someone else suggest that some time ago?
  13. I suggested it.

    I have a plan for a political party.

    I will call it Protest Vote.

    The only policies it will have are those that are directed by the electorate of the constituency concerned via local referendum.

    The results of these referendum will be collated and used to put forward private members bills.

    Candidates will only be allowed if they have served 4 years or more in the military.

    No one will draw wages that are higher than the army average.

    The remaining money will be ploughed back into the local community or used to pay the deposit of other candidates.

    No one would be allowed to have outside jobs, you are payed full time by the taxpayer to represent them, not use your position to get your snout in the trough of big business.

    Political corruption would involve a sentence of life imprisonment.

    The Judiciary would face election.

    Chief Constables would face election.

    And so on.

    I would put democracy back in the hands of the people and not a corrupt few.
  14. Some interesting points but I would advise against elected judges and plods, doing this would make miscarriages of justice more likely as they looked more to the electorate than the law for their guidance, they would in effect become even more like polititians in the way they behave.