Is it worth visiting Normandy Beaches + Pegasus bridge?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ABF9, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. Going to France soon and was woundering was it worht going to Normandy beaches and Pegasus bridge?

    What exactly is there?(apart from a beach and a bridge before some comic says it)

    Is it sutable for children?
  2. There's a really good state of the art museum there, and you could integrate it into a whole day's tour of the area. I recommend Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide, which even comes with a separate map.
  3. Would it be of interest to a 12 years old boy?

    Do they have a web site?
  4. Pegasus Bridge museum is good and so is the Merville Battery Museum. Have a bite to eat or a drink at the Cafe Gondree (but for God's sake don't mention the museum to Arlette!) Try to get the Arromanches Museum in as well and the Battery de Longues is also worth going to see. There is a very good Canadian museum/visitor centre at Juno Beach.

    Indoctrinate him beforehand with 'The Longest Day' and 'Saving Private Ryan' and you may even get him to visit the British cemetery at Ranville, or the American cemetery above Omaha Beach moving. without pulling a face.
  5. I would recommend a visit to the American war cemetary overlooking Omaha beach, a profoundly moving and awesome place. It is kept in a beautiful condition by the french and it makes you realise just how many people made the ultimate sacrifice.
  6. I think a 12 year old boy would love it, if he likes history and guns and aeroplanes and stuff. This 43 year old boy did, anyway. You can also integrate lots of beer/coffee stops, get a good feed at various places en route, in the evenings stuff yourself with great seafood and swill cider and calvados. What's not to like?
  7. yeah it is...go to the museum of peace (i think thats what its called) it is very moving, the beaches are ok (dont expect much tho...) but most museums are good. Hope this helps.


    Ps...if u know a bit about what happened and tell ur child/children it will be a better experince for u all. Buts that just my point of view.
  8. Thanks for all the info gents.

    Now all I got to do is break the news to the enemy(misses) that we are going on a little detour.
  9. Don't forget Band of Brothers. And that book about Pegasus by Stephen thingy (the septic historian who did Band of Brothers) for some British input.
  10. Seconded.

    After I came back I watched Saving Private Ryan again, I could see a lot of what i saw in the film.

    Mate I went on a school trip there aged 12, it was fantastic. Pegasus Bridge isn't (too) far I seem to recall.

    A visit is ESSENTIAL if you are in that part of the world.
  11. why would she not be interested??????????? If she really isn't then drop her in Caen for the shopping and restaurants
  12. Cow

    Cow LE

    I would love to have the chance to go to both places!

    ABF9, this is more than a bridge and beach to so many people. That you think this is what they are then you would also benefit from a visit, I'm not being nasty but these places have alot of history and meaning to alot of people.

    I'm sure that a 12 year old would love to explore and find out about their history. Try to incorporate it into a project he can make for school, take loads of pictures, you never know when they'll be worth a look through.
  13. The WW1 sites are of great interest too but my favorate quote comes from a plaque near a British D-day beach which says;

    'We who were once conquored by William of Normandy returned to liberate the land from wence he came. 06 June 1944'

  14. Its Hardly a question....... You Must Go!!! All of it is an awesome experience, My son just coming up ten was in tears on Sword Beach (Arromanches) just because he said "i feel funny Daddy" thats the bit bud, take it and remember those before.

    Regards to all