Is it worth joining at the moment? Cuts, ending wars...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by duckieone, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. I am in the OTC (please forgive me) and have always considered joining the army. I am about to start my final year at uni and know many friends who have been hoovered up post degree by some accountancy firm, bank or consultancy group. Not only are they bored, but they are not really paid that well either considering their terrible hours. A short career in the army would be fun and challenging (if I got accepted), but I would not fancy spending 4 years in base or on exercise. I know we are supposed to be leaving Afghanistan, but is that going to happen soon? If I join, am I just going to be getting out of the helibus every other week near Salisbury, or will I actually be fighting? Any help appreciated...

    PS. How do you put text below your post?
  2. Seeing as there's only been one year in which no British soldier has been killed in the last 100 years (can't remember which) there's a pretty good chance that there will be some sort of war going on somewhere even if CMD's somewhat optimistic Afg timetable goes to plan.
  3. If you haven't noticed (or bothered to find) details of the widely advertised, and very public, timeline for our withdrawal from Afghanistan I suggest that you probably don't need to worry too much about whether a career in the Army is right for you.
  4. I am well aware of the advertised 'timetable', but forgive me for being a wee bit cynical. Trusting the army to pull out on time is like trusting builders to finish on schedule. Unless of course this is 100% realistic and the government are being incredibly competent. I won't hold my breath.
  5. But if they ask me to put text below the line, I will fail. Am I just being a retard?
  6. I'm afraid so. But then again, there's always the RLC so all may not be lost!
  7. I hear managing stock in Bastion is enthralling... In the US they put some of their best officers into logistics. HOW DO YOU PUT THE TEXT BELOW THE LINE!!!
  8. What line, sorry?
  9. Ah, that line. Thank you.
  10. I would definitely consider it. A couple of OTC mates want to join the TA. However I live next so someone who is 'in' the TA. He never does anything and boasts about the pay. Complete ********. Any chance the TA get to go and bash the pricks in London atm? If so, I am so signing up for the future.
  11. And thanks for the info on the 'line'.
  12. 1968 I believe.
  13. Not that I'd ever dream of judging them by you, but which OTC unit are you?
  14. BUOTC. And now I have to write something because 'BUTOC' isn't 10 characters.