Is it worth it!!!!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by jase2472, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. After 6 years in the Sigs TA i have decided to transfer to Ramc to be the medic at my unit, just dome CMT3 finished today at DMSTC and was planning on doing my CMT2 in May but was talking to some regs on there CMT 1 and they have been saying that they are getting rained back in on what they can do, so i am now thinking if it is worth training is you can't do anything! Anyone no anything about this.
    cheers :highfive:
  2. Well it never reins but it paws! (as they say...)
  3. thanks for that :meditate:
  4. It depends what career pathway you want. Patient care or admin - or just a change?
  5. Reg CMTs and yourself will be doing slightly different jobs.

    You'll be a section/RAP medic - you'll probably get more 'hands on' than the regs!

    If picking up broken bodies is better than twisting wires in a loom then GO FOR IT!
  6. I have just been informed that i have to wait 12 months before i can do my CMT2 anyone know any good books for self sudy(not self abuse-got enough of them) :thumright:
  7. If your female, then I'll help you study anatomy.......if your a bloke.......sod off........... :blowkiss:
  8. I hope this is satire? Do you truely believe a TA CMT in an RAP will get more hands on than a reg?
  9. Probably!
  10. I would disagree, in our current operational climate, both TA and Regular, young and old are getting more trauma hads on than in the past 20 years. before the odd person replies with, but i did this and i did that, i mean on an Army scale not individual experiances.
  11. having recently left a CS Med Regt - I have first hand experience, which is the reason behind me writing the comment! - oh and 20 years in the AMS too

    And your experience is what exactly???
  12. dont forget - 100 medics per squadron, cant all work at the sharp end?
    you must have the correct ratio of class twos to class ones!

    so - they get great exposure and good experience on tour, what about the other 2 1/2 years of their posting to a Med Regt?? Equipment care is their day to day work, not hands on patient care

    a medic (cmt or rma) in a teeth arm unit/rap will easily get more hands on experience
  13. Realy,

    Well im not going into a phishing contest about what i've done, where and when but i have to disagree. Your comment is so stereotypical.

    I do agree that currently both Reg and TA medics are gaining plenty of experience.

    Your stating that a TA RAP RCMT will get more exposure than a Reg CMT is bo@#$ks. There are i'm sure some TA medics who have plenty of exposure to sitting in an ambulance at strensal ranges, or in Otterburn. But lets not forget that if the ballon goes up in the UK, its 999 and a civy ambulance.

    Are you refering to Reg RCMT's V's Reg CMT's? I may conceed that alot of Reg RCMT's gain more experience of UK based med covers, but still think your RMA's see more comment is antiquanted.
  14. Bedpan2zero,

    I think its unrealistic to compare a regular and TA/ RMA experiances. If your a full time CMT your hads on will seem diluted, compared to someone that is only in uniform at weekends or someone that is only doing the job for a couple of years.

    Along time in the Army, doesn't make you experienced, it makes you old.

    If you found you time as a CMT unfulfilling, why did you stay?
  15. Frank


    You are presuming that all CMTs in a med regt are constantly getting hands on experience, WRONG!!

    as previously stated (or were the words too big for you to understand) if you have 100 medics in a sqn, they cant all be hands on - who runs the post room, who works in the stores, who works in the trg wg - CMTs. when you hit Sgt and upwards you become management.

    BFA crew = driver (RLC) CMT1 crew commander and a CMT 2 as crew.. they arent called out every day. very few medics work in med centres (and even then all they get to do mosdtly is filing FMed 4s)

    WHO THE F**K mentioned anything about being unfulfilled?? I am a realist - I never sugar coat anything.

    Medic gets posted as a class two to CSMR - he/she spend 70% of their working week maintaining an ancient 432 fleet. They will spend more time on PT than in the lecture theatre. Within one year they will go on their class one, then hopefully BATLS/BARTS - maybe their class B driving and onto their H licence. Med cover - one or two switched on cookies will do the occasional med cover that comes along - they will take an up and coming class two for experience.
    In three years they may have had no more than two weeks med cover experience = 14 days if im being generous.

    TA medic with Sigs or RA unit on med cover for a weekend = 2 days cover = 7 weekends to cover the equivelant that a reg has done in three years. Many TA are not as functionally fit as their reg counterparts therefore more prone to injury (blisters, sprains etc) all minor stuff but still valuable hands on!

    NOW do you get my drift??

    Reg only argument - RMA in med centre at ITC is responsible for a Trg Coy, he/she goes on exercise when they do, goes on sports and Adv Trg when they do = more hands on

    TA onlty argument - RMA(V) goes out at weekends and patches people up - CMT goes out at weekend and patches canvas!

    MY experience as both Reg and TA CMT and RN. I am experienced to talk about it cos Ive been there. My vision of how the AMS has changed is cos Ive been there. 20 years in doesnt make me old - my practice along with all my colleagues changes with the times.

    experienced yes, antiquated, I think not