Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lance_Jacked, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Hello all, a quick question.

    After 10+ years TA and a tour in Tellic II (mmm sunny Basra actually in this heat feels like I am back, but without the horrible smell in the air) I have left, but with a bit of time on my hands have thought about joining the ACF, havent decided if I should be an NCO or go for my commision.

    After reading through the forums I realise life aint no bed of roses in the ACF especially with putting up with the pr1cks however I feel as if my experiences both in TA and civiy street (qualify as a nurse in the new year) can be put to good use. I also miss the JRC (obviously Mess in the ACF) side of life.

    Any thoughts or experiences would be welcomed, or should I run away now?

    Many thanks
  2. It will depend if you want to give to the ACF or take.

    If your going to give (Time, patience, bitten tongue) then you will have a great time.

    If you want things from the ACf, then you will not enjoy it....

    If you have a specific Q's then please ask, an answer will be along shortly...
  3. I'm a new boy around here, a lowly "PI", been doing it for around 8 months, and have enjoyed it a great deal! Worst case scenario you don't enjoy it and leave!
  4. Thanks for the replys

    All I want from the ACF is a mess atmosphere once in a while, I have 10+ years of a varied TA role and 15 years of working civiy street that I feel would be of use to the ACF, I wouldnt even be bothered if I wasnt paid. I once went on an ACF annual camp to provide night gaurd cover with a load of bods from my TA Sqn, we were so impressed we did driving for the ACF during the day as their was a shortage of AI drivers qulafied to drive the Bedford CL's.

    I am not a wannabe, I only got as far as a LCPL in the TA through choice, so I am not out to collect stripes or possibly pips, and I am certainly not a 'lets beast the kids round the parade ground till they drop' type person.

    My only concren is the AI course at Frimley, while I appreciate its a course desgned to give people with no millitary experience a taste of the Army, and I also think the course will help refresh the skills I already have, what I dont need is some jumped up squaddie with an inferiority complex teaching me how to suck eggs.... I already have the egg sucking medal..... or do I not have to worry about resisting the urge to rip off their arms and hit them over the head with the soggy end...

    Many thanks
  5. Dont worry about the beating them with the soggy end bit at all.
    The staff at frimley are generally very good and will only teach you what you need. After all by the time you get there you should know all there is to know. You will have a few lectures on teaching cadets/childrens act etc but generally the sucking eggs bit didnt come into it.
    As long as you remember the ACF is not the army and there are different ways of doing things (weapon drills for example). I had a great time there but it should take you over a year to get to that stage, plenty of egg sucking before hand.
  6. A little while until you even think about AI's at Frimley you'll need to do county AIC and and ITC before you go down there, and if you don't like "jumped up squaddies" then you'll be disappointed as all of your courses with the exeception of AIC will be run by some very capable and experienced "jumped up squaddies" yes they will teach you to suck eggs but that is necessary as there will be people on the courses you may attend that do not have the benefit of your vast experience.

    The ITC I completed had people with no military experience whatsoever, some former cadets and a slack hand full of "jumped up" ex regs, if I recall with about 60 years regular service between the 4 of us. The cadet way of doing things and the Army/TA way of doing things are two very different beasts, you may find yourself at a distinct disadvantage as far as weapons handling goes for example.

    The biggest thing your going to need is patience and the ability to keep your head and not throw your teddy when 20 odd hyped up kids who have been drinking far to much coke and have decided between them that todays training programme isn't really for them, and that they would much rather sit in the sun chatting with their mates.

    I suppose mess life varies depending on which county your with but don't expect it to be anything like you may be used to, remember the majority of the people you will serve with have no idea what a mess should be like, and as such do not behave accordingly (not that, that's a problem it's just a little different).

    All in all the only way you are going to know if it is for you is to give it a go find a detachment near to home and go down and speak to the DC.
  7. As by egg sucking, I mean I dont need to be told how to do drill, I have been through plenty of boots..... as for the cadet rifle drills etc, yes, I have no idea how they do it, and I am more than happy to learn things I dont know. As for childrens act etc, yes very important, I'm a student nurse, and I know how important child protection is.

    I know ACF isn't the army, I would have rejoined the TA if I wanted that, its a shame some current instructors dont know that......

    Thanks again for your help
  8. I spent 10 yrs with the ACF, I was in a TA CVHQ SPS, and wanted more, joined my local RGJ ACF as well. Lots of good experiences, one of the best, on the 22 indoor range. Little 14yr old uncooperative squirt couldn't hit the back wall, but thought it was the rifle that was sh*te. Well I shot and hit bull. So said to him, "Just this once do it my way, if it doesn't work then you can carryon your way, OK?" Well he did it my way. I had my 'scope so I new how well he had done! When we strolled the 25 yds to reach the target. Well, he always did it my way after that, AND I was nearly, GOD for him. Best of all he improved his shooting and improved as a human being and a Cadet. Gave me that warm glow, still does. AND there are lots of youngsters out there looking for our help and understanding. That's it, enjoy yourself, and look after the youngsters. WTNS
  9. I've done nearly 8yrs ACF following a few years regs and as a cadet beforehand and I personally would say...yes it is worth it!! As mentioned, that warm fuzzy glow when you see the wee blighters achieve something is worth it. The warm fuzzy glow you knowing your around some proper people (same interests, sense of humour etc). There is some grief from some people (officers mainly) but you get that from management anywhere. Your not there to play politics with the powers to be your there for the kids and if thats what your after then I would say yes, it's worth it.

    Visit your local detachment and see what you think?

    Good luck!
  10. Didnt mean to offend :)

    I understand what you mean as far as drill and the like are concerened, but as a previous poster pointed out there would more than likely be alot of people on the course with no previous military experience. However this can work to your favour in some ways.
    You may find yourself being a role model for members of your cadre if you are good at certain things. Help the people along the way as well as getting on with it and keeping your head down. It will all add up to a good course report.
    Ive met a few people before who moaned about the egg sucking phase and were politely told to wind their neck in and ended up doing worse than there non military colleagues.
    To quote an old CSM of mine. Tell no fcucker what you did in a previous life, keep your head down get stuck in, help the mongs and shine like my ammo boots on a sunny day..........
  11. Dont worry no offence taken :D

    Zippy As for the course, as I did mention in my second post, yes I do appreciate their will be people on the courses with no previous experiance and that it would do me no harm whatsoever to brush up on already aquired skills, but we all know in life their are regulars who think TA and ACF are just wannabes who should be treated in the same manner the RSM treats the sharp end of his pacestick......... as for keeping my head down, yes, when the Sh1t jobs are being given out and they ask 'who had eggs for breakfast' their was always one numpty who put their hand up...... :rofl:
  12. Fair comments.
    I can only go by personal experience but on every course ive been on so far they staff have given us the 5 minute talk on 'you people do a great thing that we couldnt do....' speech.
    They all have seemed to have a very high regard for ACF instructors, after all they have to learn exactly what they will be teaching us and mix with cadets before being posted to a cadet training team or Frimley staff. They know what instructors have to put up with and dont tend to inflict much regular v cadets abuse. (apart from a after a few bevvies), and only then they have a pop toward the end of the courses when they know the sort of bloke you are.
    As for mess life..... Again depending on what county/battalion you are going for it will vary, but on courses it tends to be a great laugh. Especially at frimley.
    What area are you in/ Maybe myself or another arrser will be able to give you more info
  13. Suits U

    Thanks for that, knowing the staff have not just been plucked from a reg unit and told to go teach ACF is good stuff.

    As for the leg pulling, well, we have all been there, TA and ACF, have have to roll with it lol

    I live on Merseyside, Wirral. I know Altcar is the local HQ, any info is much appreciated.

  14. hello Merseyside ACF is my county. I don't know much about wirral lot , the county is divided up into 4 companies, so mine is based at the eastern end of the county, the mess is pretty good, we do try to model ourselves on the regular in some ways as the PMCs are ex army themselves, the drinks price are reasonable,

    PM me if you want to know more in confidence, i do know a few names over there that might help you.
  15. Without everyone getting angry both the ACF and the CCF, and the ATC for that matter are riddled with pricks. You will find them in all walks of life. However, the majority ACF and ATC adults are hard working decent people. And, at the end of the day your rewards are helping the cadets, just look at their faces when they pass an inspection or gain promotion or win something rewarding. That is why we do it. There are many times when I could have quite easily inserted my pace stick, open and sideways *********** of a complete ******, but you need to get it in your mindset that those people are just sad tossers and remember why you are there, which is for the cadets. I hope this helps.