Is it worth it?


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So the credit crunch claims another victim. Me.

I don't have a huge amount in my ISA, but the interest rate almost means I might as well stick it under the mattress. Here's how my ISA has performed over the last 5 years:

2006 - £115.34 on £3479
2007 - £152.16 on £4679
2008 - £101.19 on £2773
2009 - £67.79 on £3973
2010 - £4.60 on £5241

Bloody ridiculous. And it's not like the interest rate on loans has come down anywhere near the rate that the savings rate has.
I don't know why you're complaining, that's almost a gallon of diesel.

Buy a can of diesel now, it'll be worth half as much again by this time next year. And remember, it was the ISA that provided the capital to set you on the road to speculation. :)

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