Is it worth going for Officer straight after your A levels?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by FishSticks, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, relatively new here!
    I've completed my initial Form 4, and will soon book my BARB test.
    Now I'm going to cut straight to the point:
    Is it worth going for Officer straight after your A levels?

    (now for the boo-hoo rant-driven who-gives-a-crap life story).
    I'm in my AS year, and I can not wait to join up (great, now i sound like complete twat). My GCSE results were very good, and I am hoping to get A's this year. But i hate the idea of University!

    I hated high school. I hated the way we wasted time in lessons, and then when we got home, were expected to do even more work in our own time, for minimal goal.
    Now University seems to me like 4 years of more work, and I want to get out of education. Fast.

    Of course if the board/etc. would say I might as well get a degree first, i would. But if they tell me "No problem", I have an itch in the back of my mind of the implications, where later on (if i get that far) i would have been far better off trying to get a commission later.

    What does the dim, no-brained population of ARRSE think?

    P.S. my job aspirations go: Paras, RAC (QDG in my case), then AAC.
  2. Get your degree first, soon to be popular bloke.
  3. Get your Degree first.

    Bookmark your first post and give yourself a laugh when you've got it
  4. Cheers QS! I was born to abuse and insult...

    Roger Roger, i'll keep that in mind :)
  5. Go to university and get a degree. It's three more years of work, but what you get at the end is worth it.
  6. You go far my son in this life as a 17/18 year old kid that thinks everyone on here is dim.

    If you don't like Uni or the idea of studying in you're own time, then top yourself now, best way really.

    Otherwise, if you can get your head around the learning curve and the fact that in any semi-good role in life you'll have to study something in your own time, then go to Uni first - it'll stand you better in the long run. Not just in the forces, but when you leave as well (remember you do have to leave and get a working job at some point).
  7. DIM! dim!, I'm not dim, I've got a degree in Asbestos Weaving, you cheeky Monkey.
  8. Never! I'll never leave! I'll die a 90 year old mess officer if I have to! :pissedoff:Argh, you do have a point, being a middle-aged shelf-stacker does not sound appealing...

    maybe not dim, but cancer ridden? (Inappropriate much?:razz:)
  9. Yep, typical officer condidate, you'll go far, sprog!
  10. I'm sure he will - Can't wait until he gets his degree (If he goes for it) then passes ASOB, then gets through Sandhurst, then gets to his troop, then gets on tour to find that his gunner has been wanking in to his spices pot! Ha Ha!
  11. Oh No, not the spice pot!

    I'm guessing all the pampered private-schooled Officers bring those on tour? Perhaps a personal toilet box as well, and half their library collection...

    Just a question to add: Can you decide to go for enlistment instead, at any time before you get the commission? e.g your halfway through Sandhurst, and then opt to drop out.
  12. Doesn't quite make sense - But I have known at least 2 lads who jonied as soldiers and then were sent to Sandhurst as officers, however, you would not be abel to go to the unit you came from - e.g. If you joined the QDG's as a Trooper, then after Sandhurst you'd have to go to another unit as an officer.
  13. Why is this?
  14. If you go back to the same unit as an Officer, either the men will not treat you with the respect 'expected of an Officer', or you will not treat the men as is 'expected of an Officer'.
  15. Fishytits is right - Not too sure how it works within a Corp though.