Is it worth getting a degree or just going straight for the AFCO?

Hi all

I am a South African citizen waiting to get into the army since they changed the rules, and I'm planning on going the officer route, my question is: is it worth spending 4/5 years studying part time, and racking up a huge loan that I have to repay, or should I rather just keep working and go to the AFCO as soon as I can?

My grades were pretty good, but I have no idea what my UCAS points would be as it is a different schooling system. I would be around 24 when I can get into the army and would have 4/5 years of experience working

Thanks in advance
Having a degree is less important than it has been as they are now aligning the rank and pay of grad/non grads across all three services.

However there is much to be said for a bit of extra 'life experience' before heading off onto Ph 1.


You need to ensure that your educational standard meets the requirement: it would be a shame to wait out the residency period and then find you aren't qualified. Approach the AFCO/fill out the online form and make contact ASAP.

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