Is it worth buying Airborne webbing anymore?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by FollowitdownJoe, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Alright guys,

    Do you think it's worth buying a new set of Airborne webbing with all this news about only wearing issue kit on ops and you can only wear MTP etc etc. I can understand only being allowed to wear issue kit on ops for insurance purposes but what about in the UK? I can't see my unit enforcing it too much as everyone has their own kit.

    I've got an old set of Troopers webbing in DPM but was looking at getting something in Tan or Olive Green as it all turns the same colour anyway!

    I've heard they are bringing out an issue molle blast belt as well. Also what do you think the future of load carriage will be? Stick with belt kit or adopt something integrated with body armour?

  2. well worth it-I wear mine in bed and the wife goes crazy.
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  3. Was it ever worth buying it?
  4. whats wrong with your issue kit?
  5. ####Airborne webbing?

    Why would a member of the Conventional Ground Forces want or need Airborne Webbing?
  6. It's cheap tat made by the lowest bidder. That's why blokes buy their own kit. If you had the option to use your own rifle on ops, would you opt for the A2?
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  7. I've never rated airborne webbing, keep your beer tokens for beer and wear PLCE until the Q-man gives you something else.
  8. You'll have to ask them that!
  9. Will only be a matter of time before the 58 has a reneisance!
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  10. Quite right, I purchased my own tank last time and a mate in the RAF decided he wanted his own plane. Interesting idea but logistics may, become a little more difficult, bad enough that we have so many bits of UOR none of which has a proper logistic / spares plan beyond initial purchase.

    Just as a matter of interest, when your purchased kit breaks or you need to replace a bit, or it just wears out, where do you go to get the new bit. Do you have to take your issued kit and purchased kit on Ops, afterall if purchased kit goes wrong Q Dept might not be so keen to help you if you left all your issued kit in UK.
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  11. Arnt they making MTP airborne webbing now?? So that resolve your problems...

  12. Oooooooooh!!!!!!!!:party:
  13. buy a molle belt
  14. I had Airborne webbing once but it was a bastard to catch on a windy day.
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  15. Off topic a tad, but that's why I ditched the home made seating in the back of my FFR before we deployed on Op Resolute, figured that if it fell to bits ( likely) there'd be no spares, so operator seats it was for us, as at least if they fell to bits, the man at QM Tech would swap em.

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