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Is it worth buying a new SD?

I recently bought a mess kit from Goodalls and I was so impressed with the quality and service I'm now really tempted to ditch my tatty second-hand SD and get a new one.

Goodalls have quoted me £705 inc. p&p including rank, buttons and badges (QARANC). Is that good?

I have problems buying second hand as I'm 6'3'' and, unlike some QA Majors, don't have a fat arse.
3 times per year?

Haven't ever owned SD. Never needed it.

and if you were Regular, you'd get it all paid for.....
Over a few beers with our PSAO he seems to think I can get one free, gratis and for nothing, from stores - but I might have to wait a while. I only really wear it for rememberance and Corps day but also needed if I want to to the 'Turning of the Pages' at Westminster Abbey - which I have a fancy to do. So, on balance I might stick with the tatty one until I can get a new free one from stores.

By the way, there is, of course, the second hand shop at Keogh Barracks. However, I went there and they have nothing for men with arms like a gibbon.

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