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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by anken, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. I am really wanting to join the regs but had a bout of depression last year so went to TA and applied there instead now i really wish i had applied to regs instead but i'm not sure if it is worth bothering due to the depression.

    The exact dates are february 2006 to september 2006 i was treated with mirtazapine (spelling ) The reason for this was i had some severe personal problems and family problems. I have now dealt with those problems no longer need medication am completely well and my doctor says that in her medical opinion i am at no further risk of depression than any of the general population she even gave me a signed letter to take to the TA stating this.

    Is it worth me bothering to go and apply to regs or should i just carry on with the TA as i spoke to them regarding it and they say i have to see the dr and he will either let me carry on with app or defer me for a max of 6 months or send me for an assesment. I would much rather be doing this full time but don't want to waste my time applying if i'm just going to be told to politely fcuk off

  2. Well dont then...stay at the TA..........sorry to appear abrupt but have you posted a thread on this subject before.....

    Next it'll be ... I currently live currently at a secure unit and have just had been watching TV and think I could do that job ( forces ) and hey ... could I join.. im being released soon brief......!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. If you dont know
    dont try cos if you cant really be bothered now you WILL fail in training. so far you dont seem to have shown much grit and determination . However I would love to be proved wrong.
    Will you I wonder or will you sink into apathy like so many others?
    Either get off yer arrse or p1ss off
  4. Put your RG8 health Questionairre through to the GP and if they put the details on it will be dealt with on an individual case with the SMO with the GP's reccomendations. At least then you will here Yes, No or get a defferred date and know in your head you tried.
  5. Would love to know where i posted this before since i haven't!!!

    It's not a case of i can't be bothered with applying nor is it a case of i cannot finish something i start because i always finish what i start it was a simple case of me asking if it would bar me from entry and would it be a waste of time to start an app now rather than waiting a while until it has been longer since this happened either way i will apply at some point but would rather wait until it isn't seen as a problem.
  6. well if my memory serves me corectly there was a thread with similar content.
    sorry if I got it wrong..but anyway whats to say.. one day you are out on patrol and get a bout of depression and your mates are put at risk...because you cannot cope...can you be 100% sure of no relapse
  7. If i wasn't 100% sure that the problem had been dealt with and i was now fine i would not be even thinking of applying i value my life and other peoples lives extremely high.
  8. Is it worth bothering???? Well only u can answer that. I fear though, that with that sort of attitude, you're not 100pc 'in it'. And , they say, 'you gotta be in it to win it'.

    I'm having no end of issues with my application, my GP didnt even want to fill in my RG8 for various reasons. However, as slim as my chances are, im giving my application 150pc. Ive remained in contact with the ACIO throughout, continually advising them of the situation. I have to say that they have supported me in every respect. Something i did to help my application was to write a lengthy letter to accompany my RG8. Whether or not it has any impact, time will tell. However, least in my mind i will know i did everything i possibly could in order to fulfull a career in the military. It can never be a case of 'wouldnt go' rather a case of 'couldnt go'.

    Bro, if u want this, show some determination over and above that of ur the very least you'll be starting off on the right foot!
  9. Same could be said for somebody who has had a physical injury, too.
  10. Ok well thanks for both the advice and the criticism both are just as welcome. I have been in and started my app to regs took the form to the GP and i pick it back up tommorow. So i intend to prove you wrong oldbooty :p and regardless of if i get in or not i will just keep trying until i do get in even if that means waiting a couple of years coz i get deffered.
  11. Good luck mate. I got deferred for twelve months and it's a total sh!tter, but just grit your teeth, keep up the PT and the time flies by. You never know, you might get in first time!
  12. Well the rg8 and other stuff have gone off now and the recruiting sgt i spoke to seemed to think it shouldn't cause too much of a problem so have to wait it out now and hope for the best. Was a bit of a b!tch that i couldn't do signals coz of lack of gcse results even though i hold qualifications in computers. I'm deciding between artillery and combat medic atm and hunting for more info on both to help make my mind up. Ah well it's all down to if someone is smiling down at me or not now i guess. If it comes back as a deferral i will just wait out the time and try again is all.
  13. Anken, don't be put of by your x- depression, 3/4 of the Forces suffer from some sort of illness, depression, anxiety, marital problems, kids,etc. that's how life is..Go in and don't even mention it :D
  14. Ok just to let you know how it went with my application i was medically deffered for 2 years from the date of my last treatment which my doctor put down as september 2006 so i guess i only have to wait until september 2008 only 12 months then i will be back in there reapplying :D
  15. Good work on your fitness in the next year at least you have a goal now.