Is it worth applying online at minimum application age?

I've searched the forums before registering, and can't seem to find an answer.

Is it faster to apply online, or do it through the AFCO for junior entry and the minimum age of 15 and 7 months?

And how long does it normally take for an application for somewhere like Harrogate?
As far as I'm aware, the online form that you fill in isn't actually an application. It's just an 'expression of interest'. The best way forward is to get your shirt and tie on and get down to the AFCO/ACIO and have a chat with them down there.
I thought that.
However, I'm slightly worried that my application may take to long and i dont get a placement for AFC Harrogate.

I am applying roughtly around 6 and a half months - 7 months before Harrogates' 2012 intake starts.
Is this long enough, and is it likely i wont be offered a place?
It's around half way through February 2012, much like EveryManAnEmperor, but i've spoke to him and he doesn't know s***.

So am i likely to get a placement at Harrogate or is this too late?
your only going to get suggestions on this forum, only way you can get bulletproof answers is by getting in touch with your AFCO? if you cant make it there in person get on the phone?!

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