Is it worth an ex ARAB becoming a STAB?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Themanwho, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. I've done over 20 years in the Regs, since the age of 17. When I get out in two years' time, I feel that joining the TA would be a logical step, as I know I'll miss the mob. However, I have several questions:

    How often do the Tours come around, and is it likely that they'll be compulsory? One of the reasons I'm not going for a commission or extended service is that I have a young family and I don't want to spend their childhoods in Arabistan.

    I've heard that there is some bad feeling about ex Regs joining units at their old rank, and leapfrogging the old and bold within the units (I'm a WO1). Is this true, and is there anything to be done about it?

    What are the criteria for TA commissions, and what sort of time commitment is normal?

    What is the opinion of ex Regs now serving in the TA - is it worth it? Are you made welcome?

    I know I can add value to the organisation, but I will be starting a new life when leaving the Regs. The idea of still being part of the Army appeals to me, but I don't know how much I will be able to commit to it.


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  2. Hi there,

    Firstly your experience will be greatly appreciated by the TA, and I am sure your colleagues will welcome you with open arms. The unit I am in is a mixture of both ex regs and thoroughbred STABs, and we work well together,. I have never seen any negative attitude from either side. Experience is what it is, earnt the hard way, and can never be beaten.

    As to tours, well they are coming more frequently, and can be compulsory, but I believe it does not mean you will get mobilised .. again check with your selected unit. Certain skills are more readily needed and consequently have been utilised more.

    Don't know about you coming in as a WO1, I don't know that there are many of this rank in the TA full stop. As to commissions, you would have to check with your selected unit.

    The TA are different, have different attitudes, have outside jobs and outside lives that colour the way they think. This can be very positive. The TA live in their communities, and not together in a military sense, so the support mechanisms that military families provide does not exist in the same way.

    If you haven't served with the TA, ask your regular colleagues if they have served with TA on Op tours or on exercise, there are certainly going to be a few. Its a good acid test.

    Hope that this helps, if you move to the TA you will undoubtly add value, ..
  3. I think in your case, its quite simple. Join and go for a commission, you wont piss anyone off, probably get Capt which means you probably wouldn't ever get mobilised and pass your experience onto others.
  4. Wise words from Polar there.

    Also, don't forget that there are a slew of specialist jobs within the TA where you don't actually have a unit as such, such as those in Bde HQs or CVHQ. These can be some of the most interesting jobs around if you get a good one.

    Hope you get what you want.

  5. I would confirm all of the above and add that if you have a bent towards training then one of the Brigade or District Training Teams would be an interesting place to start either as a WO or Commissioned.

    As to tours - depends on your trade and capbadge.
  6. As above, we'd welcome the years of experience you can offer.
  7. If you're RE, the Specialist Teams have vacancies for all ranks Cpl to WO1. We're getting a bit short of "youthful" SNCOs.
  8. Many thanks for all of the above- I'm REME (ASM Weapons), and would be quite keen to go to a non capbadge post. Any ideas?