is it waltish to?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by little_guns, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. now i wanna know your opinions on whther it would be considered very walt of someone to buy a pair of Adidas GSG9 tactical boots if that person had sweet F.A to do with THEM? obviously this person would not be professing to be with THEM but the boots look awesome and apparently feellike trainiers, but i don't wanna look liek a cnut.
  2. Have you seen the boots?

    Do you really think that they look "awesome"?

    Are you confusing "awesome" with "ridiculous"?

    No, buying boots won't make you a walt.
  3. Don't!

    Whilst in Phase 1 and 2, you will have to wear issued kit.

    Wait untill you get to your unit before even thinking about it.

    Just my humble opinion.
  4. well maybe not awesome but different.
  5. wasn't gonna do outsilly like that til after training, gottapass all thatfitnes stuf first :(
  6. Boots are boots. I wouldn't consider the look to be a selling point, they look sort of corrective in my opinion.

    I'm sure you wont look a cnut if you wore some. :wink:
  7. These are not awesome but different too :D

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  8. Don't bother, just use the issue kit, it's that not bad. And, there's nothing wrong with a grand pair of Silver Shads, now there's footware.

  9. Thigh length pink leather jackboots look different too, and if you wear those people will be 100% certain that you are one of 'them'.
  10. I have a friend in that unit and we teased him about those gay boots.
  11. They look gay....full stop.
    They are trainers with fecking extra lacing!
    In fact they are even sold on boxing supplies websites!
  12. The GSG9 boots are great for the job they are designed to do. Sit in the back of a van for an hour, kick some Hermanns back doors in, then back in the van.

    I'd give them about an hour on Junior Brecon, after which you would be better off barefoot.
  13. Having seen the picture I'm inclined to agree...


  14. If you have to ask the question ... the yes!
  15. Seen them used as racing slippers for a CFT, not for me I'll stick with man at Q&M