Is it waltish to march on 11 NOV?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EX_STAB, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. Since I left TA 15 years ago, my involvement in the Remembrance service has been limited to turning up at the church for the service, walking along the pavement alongside the parade to the war memorial and standing, hat off, at the speech and short service that is held there.

    Would it be completely waltish to join in with the rest and if that's ok, would it be too dreadful to wear my old headgear?
  2. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    You served HM, you could have been called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice like any regular. March with pride I say!
  3. A bit difficult this one. I knew someone in my town who 'joined' the TA. He went about half a dozen times on Fridays then sacked it. Fair enough, but he then kept bringing it up in conversation about his time in the TA. Full of s%it and I made sure he knew it.

    Now, I'm not suggesting for a second that you fall into this Waltishness but if you spent at least perhaps a full year in the TA and truly believe in the reasons we have Remembrance Day then I say go ahead and parade with pride. If you're just after an ego boost and the chance of grabbing a few free pints by wearing your beret then I would seriously think you should stay on the side-lines out of sight. Only you know the real reason you want to wear your beret. If the man in the mirror says it's ok then march with pride and good for you.
  4. NO NO NO! March..and more importantly join your local RBL!
  5. What do you 'want' to do?

    If your first reaction is that you want to, then I suggest you do.
  6. March I say, and with pride. It matters not that you left the TA 15 years ago, the fact is that you did join (and I assume did more that just tip up for a couple of days then sack it)
  7. It's only Waltish if you wear a cap/blazer badge or medals that you didn't earn.

    Put your old beret on, march with pride, then go and have a pint afterwards.
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Just remember to take your SMLE with you for the Present Arms E_S!!!!!
  9. I'm still in, but this is only my second year and I couldn't get to a parade last year.

    If I get to go this year, do I wear civvies and beret or No 2s?

  10. If you're unit is parading then wear what they wear, if not don't honestly know.
  11. A bit strange this one.
    Is your Unit not holding a Parade? Which is a bit odd as you should go and you will wear uniform unless you are something dark.

    Of course if you are detached on a course etc and can not make it back to your Unit you will be obliged to attend the parent Units' parade, (In uniform) or seek permission to attend your local parade for example.
    Other circumstances on leave etc, for wearing uniform outside the military environment it is polite to gain permission from your Unit COC.

    Why would you not go?

  12. Leave the beret at home, fall in with the old and bold from the RBL and join them asp!
  13. The Beret does seem a bit on the small size nowadays!
    I know the president of the local RBL so I'll ask him.

    For the record, I was in for just shy of six years.
  14. Go and enjoy!
  15. Just tell your Unit/Sqd CO your attending your local service and go there wearing smart civilian clothes and shineys (if you want to). Worked for me over the past 5 years!