Is it walting???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jeepster, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. No-one giggles more at a good walt than I. So here is a question, or potentially an admission.

    In my line of work (ploddery) are many ex soldiers. I encountered one recently who was doing some 'reverse waltery' to the typing pool; knowing smiles, neither confirm nor deny etc. Now I was never in anything like a special forces unit (I was once in a rifle pl that had a certain air of 'special needs'), but have met enough real ones to pick up that this isn't their style.

    I and my work partner (ex gunner) knew enough to ask 'difficult' questions and off he duly trotted and the typists giggled.

    Retunring to our office my oppo then accused me of walting myself in relation to a tie which I sometimes wear. It is a RA Bty tie from a regiment (not 29 Cdo or 7RHA) who I worked with in NI. I got it with the usual plaque and 'thanks we're off home now, don't go and get yourself killed' speech. I, in jocular reply, accused him of fraud in relation to drawing police pay, BUT

    Does this constitute waltery in the eyes of ARRSE?
  2. Yes, you shouldn't pretend to be interesting.
  3. you read the fcuker
  4. Iff a unit gives you a tie then it must be ok to wear it, you have the unit's permisson
  5. What he said. As long as you dont make false representations about it then its a good thing.
  6. Posers usually do make flacid attempts to question those who call them out... that coupled with the nonsense you describe this fellow as carrying on with makes me very suspicious of him. Word of caution, such individuals tend to be vindictive and behave like rabid squirrels when cornered so keep an eye out and watch for backstabbings.
  7. Do rabid squirrels often use knives? If you've cornered a squirrel, how will it reach your back?

    Is that my taxi waiting?
  8. Questions about behaviour of rabid squirrels are answered here:
    And yes, you might need a taxi. :)
  9. Are you saying that you are ex-infantry being accused of Walting as a gunner? Or have I read that completely wrong? Also. Who did a accusing the guy who did the nod-wink or the oppo that also questioned him? I am guessing it is your ex-gunner also-questioner, but you do not make it clear.
  10. If you were ex Inf surely you'd want to wear nothing less than your Regiments tie?
  11. Unless he was a Kingo and got fed up of being asked for a knock off video/hub caps or called a thieving scouse tw@t!
  12. F,Kin funny! Made me laugh.
  13. I'll give you that, it'd be like wearing "I have an ASBO" sign around your neck.
  14. I wear an England RFU tie but Ive never played. I wear a LI tie (presented after a tour) but have never served, I wear a RIR ties (presented after a tour) but have never served. I think as long as you dont claim to have been a member and if anyone asks, tell them why you wear it I dont see it being an issue. Before any of you smart fcukers ask - no I dont wear them at the same time. :)
  15. I have a Vikings coffee mug from when i was attached to them in Londonderry even though i'm not a Viking. It's black and has a handle on it. Sometimes i drink tea out of it as well as coffee. Did i say it was black? Although it wasn't presented, i stole it. I am a walt though because i tell everyone i'm in "them"