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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airborne_Aircrew, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. ... to find that one has attracted a cock-noshing stalker when one starts on ArRSe? One that likes to ask about my hair and other physical attributes? Likes to try to sound abusive and tough as if he's really "all man"? In fact, he's so nails he even named himself for a make-believe movie character.

    Just wondering?
  2. onI Know someone that left through the same thing...Why not rename, try the complaint link at the bottom of the page!
  3. Name and shame it/him/her :?

    It isnt me is it :roll:

    Edited to say what size shoes do you wear :?
  4. Or post his username and all the PM's he sent so we can all have a laugh?

    EDIT: Sick minds think alike, The_IRON

  5. Ok Airborne it was me i admit it im really a lorry driver from Derby and my name is Dave....sorry i will back off just to lull you into a false sense of security.

    so can i still run my fingers through your hair?
  6. What there is a movie star named jaybee2786
  7. Sh*t Scotlass you've been grooming me for months now and I was a bit wary when you told me you were a stunning 30 year old page three model. If you had told me you were a hairy lorry driver called Dave you could of had me in the sack ages ago :D
  8. Unfortunately, I don't have most of the PMs. With the Grays Lane affair I had to cull the dross from my inbox regularly. Since I hadn't heard from my new boyfriend in a week or more I thought he'd moved on to someone a bit more "Village People" than myself. But I logging in yesterday to find he was still on my case. A serious case of obsession by the looks of it. He's obsessed with my age and my hair of late and very 'rough tough" insulting too. You know, the kind of insult slinging that is obviously a cover up for the deep feelings he has for me...

    Scotlass... There's a plane ticket in the post... :twisted:
  9. Bollox! I keep sending posts but no bugger PM's me (even when i have sent serious questions out!) I think it is because i have no hair and am only thirty. I also have no teeth if anyone is interested apparently adds three inch onto the tongue(according to mrs3b's)
  10. [
    Scotlass... There's a plane ticket in the post... :twisted:[/quote]

    Whats this Gay should have your own site..........UPYOURARRSE.........Gay members only............LoL
  11. pm'd you to make you feel wanted :wink:
  12. Whats this Gay should have your own site..........UPYOURARRSE.........Gay members only............LoL[/quote]

    Now Seb just because none of the nice boys pm you there is no need to be so bitter..
  13. Airborne_Aircrew is he a gay pongo then?
  14. Probably stood next to that Battlefield at which your Squadron won it's right to display a Napoleonis Eagle Standard. Perhaps you could let us know how that ever came about - you walt!
  15. A i see hook line and sinker fcuk off mong