Is it true that the RLC driver trade is to be no more?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by General Melchett, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I heard a shocking rumour that the RLC driver trade is to be binned and amalgamated with the soon to be amalgamated Sup Con/Spec trade.

    Is this true?
  2. i really do hope so
  3. I doubt very much this is true! When you look at other trades within the RLC, such as Port Operator, Radio Operator, etc, they are in fact part of the driver trade! Hence their full title for example is Driver/Port Operator, or Driver/Radio Operator!

    The trade which will be affected is the Vehicle Specialist Trade. This trade is rumoured to merge with the Driver Trade. Although this wont affect it too much, it just means that trade is admined from that desk in Glasgow.

    Of course, it's just what i heard. 8)
  4. Also heard that the Rad Ops will have the Dvr part taken away from them and concentrate solely on comms
  5. Rumour has it (so it must be 90% true) that the Dvr part is to be removed from all other trades. The Dvr trade to be scrapped by 2007 with all drivers given an option to re-trade ?

    Theory is that all other trades can get their own composite number of driving quals and non RLC regt's can do the same.
  6. So what happens to the many transport regiments and the manpower required to maintain the fleets?
  7. dual traded doesnt neccessarily mean you move out of a driving job just means that the old style driver is more versatile. (thats the theory not my theory)
  8. Next they will split all the drivers to new corps and call it something like corp of royal transport!! :wink:
  9. I remember a time when we (the RAOC) used to have drivers as a trade, but it did't stop us all doing a drivers job just to get to work. The majority of us were either HGV2 or 3 back then. If I'm not mistaken the RAOC even had more HGV1 drivers than the RCT aswell.
    Drivers, don't need them as a seperate trade, especially those with the Corgi toy on their arm. Give everyone the chance to eat Yorkies, hold up traffic on the motorway and cut up motorist at every chance.
  10. Yes, but you did not have vast fleets and all of the specilaist equipment which goes with them. I would be shocked if they ever did get rid of the driver trade, especially considering all of the specialist courses which fit into it.
  11. Speedy Wrote:

    Best joke Ive heard all day

    :D :lol: :roll: :?:
  12. Could speedy enlighten us all to the Specialist Courses that go into the driver trade?

    And I must agree with viciouscircle,,,,

    Best joke i heard all day!
  13. Easy, there's the thingy course and the urmmm, ye know, the other thingy I think. Ack, c'mon, ye must know :wink:
  14. The Driver Trade is not going to go. Veh Spec prob will as a stand alone trade- it will prob become part of the driver trade. Now ARRSE is a great site and thats why i am here - but if you want to know the truth do something orriginal - write to DRLC himself and ask him the question.
  15. to write to DRLC is dull but to speculate is much more interesting it sounds a little like copulate and that is definately more fun than writing to anyone ?