Is it true that 1st Bn The rifles, will

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Cardinal, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. become commando's when it forms next year and move to Chepstow?

    Interested to see how it works out.

  2. yep it sure will the lads have got to do the all arms course
  3. The role is TBC. In the absence of other instructions the RIFLES* are getting on with it, with I understand the willing support and assistance of CTCRM, RIFLES soldiers have been trickling through AACC for over a year now and individuals continue to serve on exchanges between RM Commandos and Battalions.

    As and when the RN and Army reach agreement, the role will be confirmed (or otherwise). The issues, I have been informed, are more to do with equipment and budgets, especially the additional Vikings and who pays for them.

    Despite what you will read in other threads, the sticking points are not related to some sort of pissing contest about who can run the fastest.

    As ever, its all subject to agreement and ultimately budgets are a big enough issue these days to potentially sink the whole idea. It will be confirmed, when its confirmed.

    * or to be more accurate, those Regiments who will ultimately comprise the RIFLES (DDLI, RGBWLI, LI, RGJ).
  4. just to let you know this is still in the rumur control stage and being a member of DDLI nobody knows wots going on and iam serving with them.
  5. Yup, that's about it!

    Have many blokes from DDLI been through CTCRM yet?
  6. No. One bloke left for 29 Cdo but came back to the Battalion qualified. The Bn has been too busy with Telic 9. The latest thing I heard was that it might take anything from 3-10 years to get to the full Bn being Qualified.

  7. Good point - small matter of doing the real job rather than running around Dartmoor (!)

    If it goes ahead, there will be a way, after all, the Army managed to raise a few Brigades of Commandos in WWII in a year or two.