Is it true AFC Harrogate is going to stop taking Junior Paras?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by EveryManAnEmperor, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. I've heard numerous rumours that AFC Harrogate is going to stop taking Junior Paras, being something to do with cap change at week 26 or something along those lines.

    As I am wanting to go to the Parachute Regiment or The Rifles, at Harrogate in September 2012, i feel worried about this, as i've only just spoken to my parents about me going to the army at the age of 16 last night. (I'm currently 15 in July).

    Could anyone shed some light on this matter?
  2. no point worrying about it at the moment mate.
    just look into it nearer the time
  3. Not from what I have heard.

    Harrogate will return to being the only junior leaver college in 2013 when Bassingbourn closes as an ATR to house a unit from Germany. At that point Winchester will take the adult entry ATR and cease to be a junior entry college!
  4. Thats hopefully it then.
  5. No Harrogate will still take JE Paras and as of yet I haven't seen anything to say Winchester will be closing in 2013 (however Sgt Slaughter may of seen things from there). There will always be JE so dont worry......over the last 9 years theres been changes with ATFC Arborfield closing (went to ADC Bassingbourn and AFC Harrogate) then Bassingbourn closing (went to ATFC Winchester and AFC Harrogate) so it doesnt matter the establishments location the same training will continue.

    Once the powers above have made their decisions it will be in the public domain.