is it too late ???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by new-anglian2011, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. hi guys , this is my first post on the arrse site.

    my quiery is , im nearly twenty two and im working as an electrician and to tell you the truth im bored ******* sensce less dont get me wrong .the moneys good and conditions but im looking for something more and the armys always had a soft pot with me .
    basically im saying do you think im too old to go in now with all the young recruits going into training .
  2. The answer to that is no your not to old, im in the app process (just got deferred for two years) and im 25 so il be 27 when i apply again (if my appeal doesnt work) good luck to you.
  3. No and use the stickies.
  4. No. Go for it if you want to. Twenty-two's sod all age for a recruit.
  5. yes you illiterate buffoon - finish school first - then join the scouts and then the womens auxillary ballon corp.
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  6. Bi polar - buy one nutter- get one free -
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  7. cheers mate , and thanks for being ****
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  8. My pleasure - i'm fucked if you ever come to my house to re wire it - if you cant put a sentence together my ring main is fucked - or as you would spell it - 'the geezers wringgg mayne'
  9. I joined at 24. Wished I'd joined sooner 'cos my knees hurt now 13 years on. 22's fine.
  10. i wouldnt be able to rewire your house anyway i wouldnt be able to chanel the padded walls you mong.
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  11. no your not too old, its up to 32.11 in most cases for regular enlistment so really your a young sprog.....careful mentioning **** on here when jarrods around though.
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  12. Oh i forgot, are you a twat? if not then you do not qualify to post on this forum or join the army apparently.
  13. Neither do you so **** off dreamer.
  14. Just go for it. and in a years time you can start whingeing on Arrse about, PAYD, duties, morale and all the other shit that young soldiers whine about.

    Edited to add: And accommodation.
  15. Why dont you stop ruining peoples posts with immature, senseless comments you little cum bag. **** me are you really in the army?? i bet you get beat up all the time.