Is it too late to check Bliars expenses? He must be stopped

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    "Gordon Brown has said Tony Blair is an "excellent candidate" to be the first president of the European Council, "

    ...that'll be Tony fooked then - Gordon is not exactly seen as an authority on fortune telling in Europe. :wink:
  2. If there's one thing Gollum DOESN'T want it's Phoney Tony playing president. However, even your man Brown has finally realised that he puts the kiss of death on anything he gets near. That's the reason for his sudden support.

  3. Well I must state that the Government must really buck its standards up when it comes to choosing aides and what-not.

    In reference to Tony Blair's claims and expenses,you do know that some incompetent aide only went and shredded his entire history of expenditure that was stored on paper don't you?

    That was at exactly the same moment that either another aide or even the same one mistakenly erased the backup computer records for the same exact claims....damn butter fingers.

    A cynical person might think " bugger me,that was convienient "
  4. Must have been a real klutz of and aide as if you just delete the information is still there unless it is deliberately and carefully saved over or accidentally magnetised or such like, imagine how accidental it must have been, but then again if you give a lot of monkeys a lot of typewriters they will eventually write out Hamlet
  5. Maybe thats why B'Liar also wants to be 'Pres of Euro-land'. He knows that anything he 'claims' for, inclduing 'W-Frog' won't be scrutinised too closely.........

    But there could be logic in Gollums approval of Teflon.... 'The Kiss of Death'.....Maybe Gollums has ideas of his own..... or maybe my Lord Mandelpeson has already submitted his application for the post on the QT as well.... all alleged of course....

    There's No Flies on our Tony.... a smooth operator, just like Mandelperson... both Pseudo-Socialists who have conned their way into the Labour Party to get what they want..... High Office... and pensions to go...!! Tw*ts... :roll:
  6. I think, and I am happy to be corrected, that should 'documents' relating to tax get lost or destroyed, the Revenue may 'estimate liabilities'. The documents in relation to personal tax are to be kept for seven years I believe.

    Bliar has NOT been out of office for seven years and therefore his 'liabilities' may/should be 'estimated' by the Revenue and/or by the teams attempting to clean up the 'cess-pit' that is Parliament.

    Who scrutinised Bliar's Tax Returns? Is that person now 'Sir' or 'Dame' someone or other? I would like to know, but I bet I'll never be told.

    Who scrutinises Bliar's Returns now?

    Does this awful man Bliar pay any tax in this country?

    If not, why not? Is he claiming 'diplomatic immunity' already?
  7. Everything leaves a paper trail, no matter that is was shredded or otherwise, a thorough audit would reveal who claimed what and when.
    Teflon Tony would soon be found out and a few others as well.
    Looking at BBC text, seems Tony has been dealt a blow to his candidacy, not enough backing, oh dear never mind.
  8. On the up side Bliar has the full support of Mr Berlusconi.
  9. Gutted, no I really am.

    With him probably not going to get the job means that the rest of Europe will not see what a twunt he really is. All we need now is Mandy to stand instead
  10. Brown really has saved the World this time, well, Europe. Since he has been very open with his support for his 'friend', Blair's chances have diminished steadily.