is it too early to be thinking about Army Navy tickets??

Discussion in 'REME' started by armr617, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Well is it?

    Got the mother in law babysitting so myself and mrs armr can go get pished at the rugby.

    When do they go on sale (and the all important wrist bands)
  2. I have a feeling the REME wristbands are sold out, only a feeling so don't quote me. You need to get in quickly if you're going to get wristbands.
  4. I paid for mine weeks ago.
  5. Read the tribesman??? That is why he is asking here!
  6. Too late for accom at VSC, they were on BFBS the other day saying they were full for A v N weekend.
  7. Nice if you can get it!!

  8. Read the latest issue today- nowt about tickets or wristbands in there, may have to track down an older copy, and twickenham is only an hour on the train so no accom worries
  9. Heading up on the National Express early on the Saturday morning (back late that evening), will be sat amongst the Matelots in my British Lions shirt - so should stand out a bit.

    Good day on the lash, followed by a Sunday suffering from imbibing sickness :D

  10. My arrse it's nice, it's a pile of propaganda sh1te nowadays how Team DEME(F*CK NO). and the LEAN brigade will save the world with statistics.I'd rather trap my manhood in my zip. :lol:
  11. So now that we have confirmed that not everyone gets the Craftsman, is there any chance of details for tickets being put up here or is it already too late?

    Some of us no longer have access to free copies but would still like to get together to see who has put on the most weight since last year!!