Is It Time We Upgraded The Issue Para Smock ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. The standard issue British Para Smock is a fine piece of kit. But could we improve it more with some modifications ? Maybe there are plans to do this ?
  2. Like doing away with completely, as Paras are technically obsolete in warfare now-a-days?? :)

    Preparing to dig in ;)
  3. I hesitate to use the term Hat! but.... Hat!

  4. [​IMG]
  5. Hat indeed! Although usefull in theatre today :)
  6. How could you improve it while still making it a para smock .Never seen
    the appeal of it myself but then I'm just a hat.Maybe it will end up as a barrack wear item only.Anyway in the next few years isnt they some super new clothing system supposed to come out.
  7. The smock should really have become redundant once '60 pattern was introduced. It was little changed from the WWII design and then it was only introduced due to the shortcomings of BD in an airborne environment. From a clothing point of view, once the parachutist has descended, he's no different than any other infantry soldier - who wore BD/60/66/68/85 - so it was difficult to justify a specialised item of clothing extra to already available stuff for temperate climates. This, of course, does not take in to account the allyness factor, which is the reason the smock has survived for as long as it has.

    It's really just a big baggy jacket that's not that different in construction from any other jacket - only it makes your wrists sweat like paedophile in hot weather. It's only other advantage over 68 & 85 jackets were the press studs - as anyone who's spent an inordinate amount of time re-stitching buttons on combat jackets will testify. Taped buttons has ended this nuisance chore.

    The smock to have 'in my day' :roll: was either the Arctic or SAS smock - which were basically identical apart from the hoods. This, of course, didn't (also) prevent me from acquiring a para smock. And then I only used it on stag, so I could strut about like a big-timing walty cnut (either that or my Barbour). For field work the Arctic smock won hands down.

    CS95 has changed all this. Now there's no excuses for mixing and matching temperate, trops and Gucci smocks - para or otherwise.
  8. and Paras aren't you fucking craphat bellend. Why slag us off?. Are you jealous?
  9. FJ, you in that new book thats just come out? It looks a good read.
  10. Yes i am mucker. Quite a good read!
  11. you could easily make a 95 pattern para smock not going to cost any more is it
  12. Pictured or named?
  13. Yeah totally agree BF................but I wonder had it been called a 'Cook Smock' for example would many people have purchased it?!! :wink:
  14. Just named mate.

    Have i now given away my identity? 8O

    Why are hats so hung up about the Para smock? Get a life FFS! It's only a camouflage jacket issued to elite troops. :)
  15. never saw the point of the para smock when i was in same material same shite construction
    everybody wore windproofs