Is it time we all take a hand in getting rid of this Govt

For some time now i ave been reading and watching with horror and disgust at this present government. Not only is this government the most inept and most corrupt that i ave seen in my lifetime and i ave seen about 6 of them already. But that total disrepect this govenment had towards the armed forces is disgusting, the crowning point was the lack of sympanthy that tony blair had for private Michael Tench, sends a letter and him only two miles away from the funeral of the young lad.
This leads me to wat iam on about, would any ex servicemen ever think of running indepently in the next general election to getting rid of this government before they destroy are armed forces.
Both Blair and Brown ave progressively destroyed the armed forces since they come to power.
Another example of were Tony Blair's real loyalties lie was the day Her Majesty came to Belfast to award the Home service Battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross to mark the end of their disbandment after a 30 odd year struggle against the IRA with their military colleagues throughout the Forces.

Something else was conspicuous that day, the absence of the Prime Minister. The CGS was there and Adam Ingram but no PM, never mind I thought maybe he is elsewhere dealing with something much more important.

We later discovered that he was indeed busy, meeting Gerry Adams at Chequers on that same day to 'advance his legacy, err no I mean the peace process'.

That doesn't supprise me one bit, both Blair and Brown are like the laurel and hardy of politics.
How anyone believed anything they say now without laughing is beyond me.
I would deffintantly run against them in the marginal seats and wipe that smug smile off Gordon Brown. I hear another nauesting statement about how well equiped are boys are in Iraq i will vomit.
Funny the picture of the last ied in basara was once again a snatch landrover.
What i like to know is what did the MOD do with APV's and Tavern's they had in Northern ireland. HMMM sold them off at discount to iraqi police.
Oh yeah Gordon best equiped tell that to 3 Para in helmand who had deffective 50 cal ammunition, cause it was cheap to buy from pakistan. Which has concusively been showed to back the taleaban.
With all the will in the world, I do not think one ex serviceman standing on such an issue would receive enough votes to secure a seat in Parliament - with the possible exceptions of Colchester (Lib Dem) and Aldershot (Con), neither of which would go very far in overthrowing a Labour government
We need this fella:

Patrick Mercer MP (Conservative) used to be the CO of Woofers. He is currently the Shadow Cabinet Minister for Homeland Security and is working on a Bill that will allow both shop and householders much greater powers to protect themselves against intruders.

This MP will hopefully provide the best for the Armed Forces given the chance. Lets just hope the Conservatives sweep into power and Cameron does the sensible thing and makes Patrick Mercer Defence Secretary.

He's my local MP, but i havent had chance to go whinging to him yet.
I say bring back the birch.
Swamp_Rat said:
I say bring back the birch.
What? to stand as independent MP against Labour?

Try and stick to the thread :thumright:
Whilst it is quiote understandable, I think that we here have an over-inflated idea as to just how much the general public does (not) care for Armed Forces. To dash off into the wilderness shouting We're All Doomed a la Dad's Army would be totally ignored by the mess/mass that might vote with us to make any difference.
This is not defeatism. If the public did have any real interest, where is it's response to the myriad injustices and insults already heaped upon us by this pile of sh*t that calls itself a government?
Join the labour party and when the internal election for the next PM comes up do not vote for Brown.

Military science, concentration of effort at the weakest point as opposed to the shotgun effect of a general election.
Better still......let's stage a military coup!

I can drive my knackered 110 landrover down to Westminster (if she isn't VOR through lack of spares), wave my old 9 milly (which will be empty of course, because all the ammo is being used on ops) in the air and declare a military take over (which will be a con really, because all of the troops are deployed, sick through a lack of decent medical care or too busy trying to find habitable service accommodation for their families).

Come on fellas! Who's with me?
dingerr said:
Swamp_Rat said:
I say bring back the birch.
What? to stand as independent MP against Labour?

Try and stick to the thread :thumright:
Sorry mate I can't seem to take UK government seriously, it's a muppet show and they're all a bunch of fcuking loons, that's why bring back the birch and publicly flog some sense into them.

I've emigrated, btw :)

Isn't it called 'voting'?

There are too many people one benefits or in the more pointless civil service jobs (not all, but a few are...) who would prefer this government wasn't ousted.
If we whip the present government with the birch we will have the green party on our backs for demeaning trees.

On the emigration i'm not far behind you, but i've earn't that fecking gratuity and the barstewards are going to pay. Thats if it doesn't disapear down some pension balck hole in the next few years

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