Is it time to think the unthinkable

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, May 12, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    or accept the unacceptable:

    The complexity of today's Contemporary Operating Environment is beyond the capability of the part-time reservist?

  2. Thats why mobilisation takes place in June for deployment in Sept/Oct with pre mob training.
  3. Oh dear, that's a real cry for help!
  4. Beyond the capability? Not if you get some good advice from your PSI.

    Of course we have the capability. If a Regular can manage it... It's something that's just outside the comfort zone, not helped by being suddenly lumped in with a bunch of strangers. Just takes a bit of time to adapt.
  5. Msr,

    You seem to be buying into the "being a regular is hard" narrative of this site, wash your mouth out. It seems far more regulars have trouble adjusting to civvy street than TA members have trouble adjusting to FTRS, regular transfer, or mobilisation. How many last tour PSIs have you asked if they are joining the TA to hear them say they wont have time with all that high pressure / long hours civvy work? Or ex reg transferees into the TA who dissappear after a few months of not attending because they cant handle two jobs.

    Slightly more seriously - what you allude to is the creeping subtle change in attitude that the part time soldier is not now expected to be "slightly better than a totally raw conscript" as material for reforming a large army, but is expected to be a month away from combat ready at all times. This is a big jump in expectation from the part time soldier, which has been accompanied if anything by a reduction in the time and resources available for training. So I would tend to agree that its unsustainable.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    What you suspect I allude to ;)
  7. Whatever the actual experience or empirical evidence (and I'm not sure either way since I have not deployed yet; but we have certainly had blokes who've deployed and seemed to have done well), can you really see the Army effectively declaring the TA unusable in current ops, given how useful they came in whilst the UK was in both Iraq and Afghan?

    You'll never get the TA declared nondeployable in the sort of conflict that is overwhelmingly common and likely to be common in the future. If absolutely forced to declare anything, they would rather disband us - that way at least they are saving some cash.

    There is also the argument to be made that a TA that doesn't send bods on ops serves to widen the gulf between itself and deployability. Having a good number of those who have been on tour serves to raise the standard of the whole.
  8. Ohh, but we're not part-time soldiers.. we're casual labour. Remember?

    edited once for fat finger sindrome (FFS).
  9. Cynically and despite the One Army concept, I think they might if they thought there would be a budgetery advantage.
  10. No not really, I think the method we try to sell ourselves may be outdated but it's a good question. It's got me thinking I'm in the wrong TA, a number of my skills are niche not mainstream - I need to remove myself from the temp pool and join the contract one. (or put another way, the wording of your post made me think it didn't belong in a TA/temp thread or even reg/full time thread).
  11. Let's turn that around. Can a regular officer perform at the same level in a Civilian company..?
  12. It is beyond the capability of some but certainly not all. I'm on PDT for my second tour, and we have seen TA binned off at an early stage as not fit for purpose, same at Chilwell.
    But the same goes for regulars, there are rear party dwellers, fatmongs and 'enablers' there too.
  13. "I suspect, you allude, he or she alleges"??
  14. Until he gets out, does he ever need to? Deployed TA personnel need to be up to the job they are sent out to do at that time. There is no comparison in this situation.
  15. Comparisons based on the specific are odious enough but to try and have a debate populated by generic TA or regular soldiers seems nugatory. I honestly do not think that the COE is beyond the capability of the well-trained, motivated and mobilised reservist. After all, nor is it beyond those members of the armed services who joined the Army as a last resort option.